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Telling When He’s Cheating

Telling When He’s Cheating

You smell an unfamiliar fragrance on your hubby’s clothes. There is a stain of what appears to be a lipstick on his collar. He’s being quite secretive about some text messages he has been receiving lately. He’s been having a lot of “overtime” at work. While you are a confident and emotionally stable woman who does not easily succumb to feelings of jealousy, something really does smell fishy. Is your only man having another woman? Watch out for these signs.

Your hub could be cheating when communication between you and him has become cold, brief and tense. It is not a healthy sign for a relationship of everything you two are talking about would revolve on who would be washing the dishes, what time the other would be home, or who fetch the kids from school. Worse, it certainly isn’t a good sign when your conversation starts to revolve on blame and anger. If the once sweet and caring husband to whom you confide your feelings to has become a distant familiar stranger, something could be wrong.

The next sign is the cousin of the previous one. If you feel like everything you say is taken too lightly or is even made fun of, better start being watchful about your husband’s “extra-curricular activities”. If you feel like your opinions are not being heard and you are losing your say at home, something must be going terribly wrong.

It is also a really bad sign when your husband begins to drift away from your family customs and traditions. When he bails out from your weekend visits to your parents, when he says he couldn’t attend the school play to watch your son perform, or when he says he wouldn’t be home on a special occasion like Christmas, something fishy is going on. This is most especially true if he used to be really faithful in observing those family traditions before.

Knowing when your man is cheating on you could also be felt on the physical aspect. When touches of warmth and affection are reduced to cold pats on the shoulder and accidental bumping on each other, there is something wrong. What are worse than cold and decreased affectionate touch could be the hurtful and abusive ones.

If you think your husband is making a lot of alibis and excuses lately, something strange is going on. If dishonesty has been very customary even in daily and simple things, there could be something even bigger that is happening. Watch out and be very cautious girl.

Of course, you should avoid drawing conclusions unless you have established reasonable proofs to prove your case. It is still best to find out the actual truth rather than be haunted by your mere feelings of jealousy and your suspected unfaithfulness of your man. However, you better look out for these signs and know when to start playing detective. You must know when to act and defend your rightsyou’re your relationship. Every woman deserves a man who truly loves her and only her.

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