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The Aging Skin

The Aging Skin

Happy  __ th birthday! Birthdays are fun as long as your age are inside the numbers of the calendar or as much as the number of fingers of your hands and feet. It would have been fun to celebrate birthday every year as long as the only ones changing are your age or wisdom. But unfortunately, aging also involve the body. Much to our regret, the skin manifests the most obvious sign of aging. Application of different beauty creams, anti-aging lotions, vitamins (vitamin E in particular) surgeries, and other means are done just to hide or decrease the rate of aging skin and for us to look younger.

The cell follows a cycle as it matures. Different activities we do contribute to the aging of skin. Doing unhealthy things can lead to premature aging leading one to look older, faster.

Sunlight exposure. Though vitamin D in our body is activated by the heat of the sun, too much exposure to sun light is the most common cause for skin to age faster. Make sure to use sunscreen protection against UVA and UVB rays. Applying body lotion with SPF 15 or higher is goo to protect your skin from sunlight even on cloudy weather. Clouds may cover the sun but it doesn’t protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

Cigarette Smoke. Even when you’re  not smoking, exposure of the body to smoke can increase the rate of skin aging. This brings the formation of wrinkles and skin dryness. It tends to deplete the vitamin C in our body which is responsible for keeping the skin moist and plump.

Too much Alcohol intake. Alcohol tends to increase the rate of blood flow to the skin surface. This leads to damage and dilation of small blood vessels  that is manifested to the skin surface.

Same with the exposure to the sun, cold weather can also hasten skin aging. Low temperature tends to make skin dry. Using moisturizer would be efficient to maintain healthy skin.

Lack of exercise. Exercise helps to avoid sagging of muscles as it tones down the muscle. It provides good blood circulation that brings proper distribution of nutrients in the body. The effects of exercise are usually shown in the face bringing its glow. Exercise fuels up the body making us feel stronger and younger at any age.

Stress. It is always there, we just have to manage it well. Too much stress will lead to too much worrying and frowning such that the muscles tend to conform to that making us look older. Meditation,. Yoga, and other gentle exercise can make yourself relax. Avoid too much negative thoughts. The best thing to do is to SMILE. It stretches the muscles well and brings that bright look on your face.

You just can’t get enough of this how much you wanted to. Lack of Sleep makes the body look and feel tired. It produces dark circles and bags underneath the eyes. Lack of sleep can cause stress as you increase the possibility of memory loss. It may lead to depression and negative thinking as your mind no longer works properly.  Deep sleep at night around 8 hours will restore your energy and even allows the body to rejuvenate.

Take care of yourself. No one can do it better than you. Too much of everything is bad. As some of the cause may seem unavoidable, there are ways to at least reduce it. We cannot prevent aging, its part of life to grow and mature but at least try to age according to what you’re supposed to be. After all, most will always prefer to address them to be younger than their age.

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