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The Best Glee Songs

The Best Glee Songs

Glee has been a massive hit and has inspired lots of people most especially the minorities- the bullied, the unappreciated, the “uncool”. Already running on its fourth amazing season, it is but proper to look back to the songs that we always knew but felt like we have heard them for the first time when Glee made their own covers, to the music that moved our souls to dance, to the feelings we never even knew we would have the opportunity to feel. Here’s to Glee and here’s to life!

  • Loser Like Me

Not only is it performed by the New Directions the first time they won the Regionals, it is also an original composition. Glee has become famous for adding their “glee” touch on songs written and performed by other artists. But this time, Glee offered something truly, wholly, and entirely just Glee. Aside from being written just for the show, Loser Like Me can also be Glee in a nutshell. It tells of how bullies always try to pick on the seemingly weaker ones but failing to realize that these losers have something inside of them that are truly amazing and can make them shine like a diamond.

  • Hello

This is the song when the show introduced the character Jesse St. James played by Broadway actor Jonathan Groff. This signalled the entrance of a great, great talent in the show and also introduced a glee club that was way better than New Directions- Vocal Adrenaline. In my opinion, Jesse St. James is and still remains the best singer on Glee. Moreover, Jesse and Rachel had more chemistry in a few episodes than Rachel and Finn had in three seasons.

  • Don’t Stop Believing

This Journey hit has been the core of the first season of Glee where dreams were just being realized and were on the initial procedure of being made. Don’t Stop Believing kind of served as the glue of the club when things started falling apart. If there is one song that would always remind me of pursuing dreams, never giving up, and most importantly, Glee, it must be Don’t Stop Believing.

  • We Are Young

After its first season, Glee underwent changes, as every show and character needs to grow and develop. Most of us missed the old Glee when things were not so complicated, extravagant, and huge. With We Are Young, we were transported back to the old Glee we originally loved as we heard nothing but simple yet brilliant music and voices, and friendship.

  • Faithfully

Another Journey hit served as the foundation of Glee as this was the song that could remind us most of Glee’s main love team, Finchel. It was a song of love and pursuing dreams, a song nothing less than the best supplement to love story like Rachel and Finn’s. It did not only gave us butterflies, it made us laugh, cry, and love with them.

Now on its fourth season, songs like Some Nights and Let Me Love You are beginning to emerge as additions to the long list of the best Glee songs. Kudos to everyone who made Glee possible!

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