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The Book Reader You Are

The Book Reader You Are

Every book reader is unique in their own way. Each of us has our own style in reading books which represents our personality. Just like the books that we have read, we do have our own personality that matches in our style and ways of reading books.  If you ever met a reader at the park you may categorize him base on his reading style and characteristic which is directly manifested as you observe that reader as he/she read the book. It may not be that factual to judge readers according to their observable characteristics but, according to some studies taken, the way a person executes an action do manifest their personality, same to us as we read books.

So I have made myself a list of different kinds of book readers. So far, these are the kinds of which I knew and I have discovered as I observe readers.

The Forced to Read Reader. Usually students fall under this category. They are required to read books, forcefully, if they want to graduate, that’s why they read very fast, and almost skip pages which are not that important to read.   If not for their literature professors, they may not have start the habit of reading. At first they may have a hard time enjoying the book that they read but as they went on reading, they will really appreciate what their teachers required them to read.

The Pretenders. They are readers who pretended to be reading books that they have in hand, but the truth is it was just used for display, to appear intellectual. Usually they appear to be reading the most controversial, expensive, and famous books, as to portray their wealth and fashionable.

The Devoted Fan. They are readers who’d die for a complete set of their fave writers works. They will read anything even though it was not popular and was criticized, discouraged, banned, and expensive as long as it was made by their favorite author. There will never be obstacles that they can’t surpass just for their idol.

The Book Butterfly.  Like a butterfly, they are not afraid to discover new worlds, simply because they have pure heart for reading and literature.  Even though it was so unfamiliar or old they will read it. As long as there are books to read they will never get tired of finding it for their pleasure.

The Book Maniac. They want the books for the way they are. They love books, the way they smell and its appearance. They simply want it all. They like the smell of old books fresh from the library and they are revitalised if they smell the scent of newly published books. And they are pretty weird if you will be up in person to one of their kind.

The Bedtime Reader. They are readers who read books at night then fall asleep later as they read. They unintentionally fall asleep with books covering their face. Usually, the reason that they fall asleep was because it was so late at night as they read, and unluckily, they are reading the most boring part of what they read, making them sleepy.

The Critic Reader. If you are with one of them, you will notice how so negative are their views on the book that they read. They are always pointing out the downsides of the book that they read, and its author in the way he portrayed the events, saying “It should have been like this” or “it’s more like it when it was like this”.

The Book Cheater. Books hate them for they are easily attracted to another book if they find one. Usually they can’t finish the book that they read for they usually start with another one as they got bored to what they read before. They have a lot of stocked books with bookmarks place in the middle proving that those were waiting to be finished.

The Line Lover. They are readers who underline specific sentences which captured their attention. They use these lines in their facebook updates, twitter posts, and journals.

The Read-it-Again Reader. After they have finished reading a book, they will read it again. They usually enjoy reading and comprehending what read deeper and deeper to get its true message.

The Share-it-all Reader. They read a book, finish reading it, and then talk about it to everyone.  They love telling what they read, simply to urge their friend to read what they have read as well.

Which type of Book reader are you?



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