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The Bye-Fats Supplements

The Bye-Fats Supplements

You take supplements to make up for the lacking vitamins and minerals your body needs. But did you know that there are certain supplements that do not only contribute to a better health but also to a flab-free tummy? Yes, it is true! Get adequately loaded with these vitamins and minerals that would be your potent tools in trimming that waistline, getting rid of the flabs, cutting the pounds, and finally saying goodbye to fats.

The first on the list is the nutrient that your bones need most. Yes, you guessed it right. It is calcium. Calcium, together with the sun vitamin or vitamin D, works hand in hand in helping you emerge as the victor in your weight loss battle. Researchers have found out that calcium is stored in fat cells. What they have been thinking lately is that if you put in more calcium in those cells, the more fats those cells would released to be burned. Moreover, calcium is dubbed an effective weapon for weight loss because it binds to fat in your gastrointestinal tract which prevents those nasty fats to get into your bloodstream. So, don’t skip your milk tonight, okay?

Also, make sure that you get enough of your protein. The most food sources are meat and eggs. Not only does protein keep hunger in check. Protein also aids in keeping body composition during every meal. Body composition is the amount of fat relative to muscle. Protein helps keep your body composition in right proportion. Together with the previously mentioned calcium and vitamin D, protein helps preserve muscle mass and makes you drop the extra pounds. In addition, protein would not simply make you leaner. It would also make you significantly stronger.

Not far next is the fatty acid most common in fishes or more famously known as omega-3. Omega-3 has the ability to activate certain enzymes that trigger the process of burning fats. And if your weight problem is connected to emotional eating, omega-3 is also exactly what you need as it was found to boost the mood thus decreasing your tendency to succumb to emotional eating. Omega-3 also improves leptin signalling in the brains which causes the control unit of the human body to turn up the fat-burning process and turn down the appetite.

You must also get a little more of monounsaturated fatty acids. Isn’t it ironic that two “fatty” acids aid in losing your fats? It really is ironic and truly amazing. Going back, studies have proven that consumption of foods with monounsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts, and chocolates have more efficient fat-burning process. Monounsaturated fatty acids are also found to maintain the blood sugar level and reduce the appetite.

And we highly suggest that you start drinking more green tea starting now. Green tea is rich in polyphenols which is another fat-fighting nutrient. Polyphenols boost the resting metabolic rate thus making the body burn more fats even when not moving. Green tea’s warmth would also soothe you and reduce your hunger and cravings.

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