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The Exercise That Matches Your Personality

The Exercise That Matches Your Personality

The best way to stick to an exercise is to find something that you would truly and wholeheartedly enjoy. And because every person has varying tastes and preferences, what one would want and enjoy could be boring and tiring for another. This just proves that though endless debates would arise from different perspectives and points of view, people would fail to hail an exercise that is superior above the rest. This is because there is no such thing as the best exercise, only the best exercise for you.

For people who hate the feeling of sweat running through their skin, there are available exercises for you. You must go for exercises that focus of stretching and slow movements. Maybe try taking yoga or tai chi classes. You may also try walking. It is a highly effective cardio workout without making you break too much sweat. You may also try swimming. Since you are submerged in water, you would not feel the sweat as you are wet all over. The best motivation for you would be to start with tiny goals. This method where you accomplish a small goal quickly would be a great way to boost your motivation. Also, when starting with small goals, you would not sweat too much.

If you are someone who gets tired of the same old routine easily, you are a candidate for cross-trainings. This involves more than one form of exercise that one would submerge herself into. For example, you may go playing tennis on Monday and go swimming on Friday. Also, walking or running would be good for you. If you are not much into cross-training, change of terrain and destination would suit your easily bored personality. One highly recommended exercise for you would be circuit training. Circuit training involves doing a series of different exercises in one workout. It could be riding a bike for ten minutes, and then running for five minutes, and so on.

If you are someone who likes intensity, thrill, and extra challenge, exercises that involve competition would suit you best. Sign up for marathons. Or maybe track your progress and challenge yourself every time. You may also go for extremely thrilling sports like skateboarding, rock climbing, or kayaking. Just remember to always keep yourself safe and do your challenging sports with complete and adequate safety equipments and under professional supervision.

If you are the kind of person whose body parts do not coordinate well with each other, there are many sports available for you. Go for sports that appear more like a game like table tennis and badminton. You may also try dancing. You do not have to be well-coordinated and you certainly do not have to be a terrific dancer. As long as you are enjoying the music, having fun, and moving, it would be perfectly fine.

For people who get disheartened easily, there is no specific sport for you. You could pick any activity you want and take it slowly but surely. Remember that your greatest and only competition is yourself. Remember consistency, patience, and hard work. Those beat all the odds.

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