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The Fitness Home Gym for You

The Fitness Home Gym for You

You don’t actually have to buy all those fitness gym equipment and place everything at your house to have yourself a home gym. There are equipment that are very practical, easy to keep, and less spacious equipment that can really fit in every home. Just be guided in buying the right equipment or you might end up spending too much with equipment that actually give you only a particular area of fitness. Remember that you have to execute workouts that improves these four areas of fitness for you to be able to consider yourself having a full workout; strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. With these things in mind, you can now look on to some of the equipment that are effective and works well with your budget.

  • Strength training. This is good for body shaping, weight loss and increase in muscle and overall strength. There are equipment which are budget friendly that only cost $100 or less such as hand weights, low-end bench and resistance bands. You can also opt for adjustable weights, training bench and barbells which could cost for around $500 or more. You just have to make sure to increase the load you do as you go along to continue improving your strength training.
  • Cardio training. Equipment to have are those that enable you to sustain smooth and continuous movement for at least 20 minutes. Jumping ropes, stepping machines, aerobic exercise can be bought for $100 or even less. Treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machines are also efficient but are costly that cost $500 or more. Treadmill is very much common as it is very easy to manage and to use. I personally want to have one at home if I actually have the budget for it.
  • Flexibility training. Helps in muscle toning and reduce your risk from injuries. This can be bought very cheap which could only cost you $50 or less. You only have to have those stretching bands, yoga mat (which is not necessarily to be used only for yoga), towel and foam roller. Flexibility trainings are more on the stretching exercises that only needs proper guide to be able to fully execute effectively and efficiently the workout and to be able to improve your flexibility.
  • Balance training. These workouts improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles. You can already have resistant stability balls, soft foam exercise pads for as low as $50-$150. If you are still looking for cheaper and effective equipment, you can try non-burst resistant balls, balance dome and disc pillows that would cost around $30 or less.

As these equipment may come in cheap, you also have to make sure that you use these equipment properly to avoid injury and for the efficiency of your workout. You may want to seek guidance from a personal trainer or seek those how-to-do video workouts that will enable you to start working out in your own home gym. With all these said and noted, you can go and start living a healthy lifestyle with your fitness home gym. Just don’t forget to fuel yourself up with the right food and proper rest to recover.   


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