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The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

Many dietary meal patterns have been discovered and  followed by health and fitness enthusiasts to maintain not only the perfect figure that one wants to achieve but also to attain the proper nutrition that is needed to cover all the body functions. Today there are so many dietary meal patterns which were based on some ancient civilizations tradition, the culture of a certain country, and the available resources that they may use to be able to maintain a balanced dietary function. One of the popular dietary patterns based on one of the oldest era of mankind was known as Paleolithic diet or simply Paleo diet.

Paleo dietary pattern is often addressed as caveman’s diet is associated with Stone-Age diet composed of ancient diet of wild plants and animals that was treated as the main diet of man in the Paleolithic Era. Now the modern Paleo diet was centered on common foods that are widely available. It is now mainly composed of fish, grass fed pasture raised meat products, eggs,various kinds of vegetables and fruits, fungi like mushrooms , roots, and nuts, but excluding  grains, legumesdairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and also processed oils. First popularized by Walter L. Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist in the mid-1970’s, and now adopted by several researchers and academic journals. It is a diet aimed in weight loss, body maintenance, and prevention of many diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Paleo diet is a dietary meal pattern focused in giving the body the ability to resist diseases, thus increasing our immunity to various critical diseases which is discovered this present civilization, cancer, heart disease, blood illnesses and many more. It also increases our body regenerating systems which makes it easier for our regenerating system to repair damaged cells. And though it is a diet rich in fats, it still promotes weight loss for it was mainly composed of different vegetable and fruits but excluding carbohydrate- rich foods like grains.

On the other side, Paleo diet has its bad face too. Because Paleo diet excludes some of the important foods that contain essential nutrients like grains and dairy products, you may miss a lot of nutrients that may be an essential part in completing your nutritional puzzle. Also if you do not control meat consumption which is allowed in this diet, you may be at risk in heart and blood problems. Aside from that , Paleo diet is also prohibited to some groups  must take strict precautions in what they eat like the vegetarians, Halal, Kosher, and those who are allergic to Glutens and  to those that are required to control salt consumption.

Even though it has two sides of which may be in favor or not in you, still the Paleo diet was able to provide the enough nutrition to comply with the missed ones.  Because calcium and Vitamin D in the Paleo diet was not enough, you may solve this by increasing your intake of supplements which provides the missing parts of your Paleo diet. If you are not “in” in Paleo diet, you may choose other dietary meal patterns or customize and make your own.


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