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The Perks of Drinking Water

The Perks of Drinking Water

If there is something undeniably necessary for the survival of almost every if not really every living organism on earth, one of the top choices would surely be safe and clean drinking water. Water has multitudes of benefits and we may not even know some of them.

Without water, we will all die. If you have not heard, it makes up more than half of a person’s total body weight, and without access to water, we are surely to lay dead in just a few days. Our body carries out many internal processes and water is vital for most of them. For example, we have our blood. One of its main components is water. Our entire body needs blood to function, and our blood requires the presence of water. It is also present in lymph- a liquid that fights off illness. Not only do the circulatory and immune systems require water, the digestive does, too. It is essential in digesting food and in eliminating waste from the body in the form of urine, stool and sweat.

You may not realize it but water helps in making us lose weight. Drinking a lot of water can make you feel full and may suppress your appetite which means you will have a big cut on the calories. Also, drinking lots of water often avoids the body’s retention of fluids since it knows that it has enough. In addition, drinking water can help burn fat. You see, if you do not drink lots of water, the liver will work extra hard to help the kidneys detoxify the body. So drinking water can help the liver loosen up a little and thus metabolize your stored fat more effectively. Water also flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown. Amazing, isn’t it?

Water is also one of nature’s antidotes to headache. Sometimes, headaches and back pains are due to dehydration so rehydrating with water, which is a cheap and calorie-free fluid source, can ease the pain.

Water also helps make us look young with our healthy and glowing skin. Water moisturizes the skin and tissues thus eliminating or minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Surprisingly but astonishingly, drinking water also makes us smarter. A properly hydrated mind and body increases the efficiency of cognitive learning. The brain requires lots of oxygen to function well, and water can supply a fair amount of oxygen to the brain. Drinking water also sustains nerve function thus allowing the nerves to relay impulses and responses in the way they are supposed to.

Since water is brings moisture, drinking water helps the joints remain strong, healthy and lubricated. For the joints to move with ease and without pain, it must be moisturized well enough. Lucky for us, water is all we need.

Water also regulates the body temperature. It makes more energetic when doing physical activities and it also fuels the muscles.

Drinking water can also benefit so much as to reducing the risk of bladder and colon cancer. Water has the ability to dilute cancer agents in the urine and makes their contact time with the bladder linings way shorter.

Water is far more beneficial than we suspect it to be. Stick to your eight glasses a day. It’s worth it.

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