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The Price for Being a Princess

The Price for Being a Princess

If you ever thought that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s marriage and love story is a real-life fairytale, then it is better to stop for a moment and think twice. Being a member of a royal family especially of a nation as great as Britain is not all about having the best clothes, being looked up to, receiving endless invitations and compliments, and living extravagantly. What people tend to not see are the things these people have to sacrifice and let go of for having their lives out vulnerable to the public’s judgment and opinion. Being a princess is not as easy as one, two, three or your A,B,C. It is actually more like your L’Hospital’s Rule or Avogadro’s Law.

Kate and William’s love story is very much likened to that of Cinderella who was the orphan who served under her cruel stepmother and stepsisters for years until she was able to attend the royal ball, was married by the prince, and rose to the royal status. Kate was merely a commoner, though her family was rich, who is very much the same with every other citizen of the Great Britain. But after falling in love and being married to the crowned prince, Prince William, her whole life experienced a massive turn as her typical daily routines would change forever.

First and foremost, she would not be hearing anybody calling her “Kate” anymore except maybe for her spouse when there are only the two of them cuddling. After saying “I Do” at the Westminster Abbey, people would be referring to her as “Her Royal Highness, the Princess William of Wales”, Catherine, or Ma’am. No nicknames. I bet she’d miss that.

Also, her voting right is terminated. Since the royal family has a public role of identifying with every member of the society, the powerful, the average, and even the minorities, they would not be allowed to show favor towards anybody.

The cessation of her voting privileges also comes with her ineligibility to run for any government position. No politics.

You may find this quite shocking and actually amusing, but the any member of the royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly. They say it is quite vicious so perhaps it would be best to just avoid temptation.

Also, Kate must get used to eating fast or getting little. Once the Queen stops eating, everybody else stops as well.

Her views and perspectives must also be restrained to herself only. She is not allowed to say or do anything controversial that would drag the royal family’s name to the mud puddle.

Also, royal family members are not served shellfish to avoid the tendency of being poisoned.

And her degree in Art History seems to be not of any use right now for Kate has no other duty but to be a member of the royal family. No work for you, Kate.

And for the fans, sorry but you would not have any autograph. Royal family members are not allowed to sign anything unofficial to avoid forging of their signatures.

Lastly and perhaps the most obvious change in her life, every move, every word, and every appearance are all subject to the public’s judgment.

Being a princess is not that easy if you really think about it.

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