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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

“Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.”

This coming-of-age film that deals with family, romance, growing up, and most importantly, friendship, follows the summer of four teenage girls who had to spend the summer apart and leading in entirely different directions as they discover valuable lessons about each of their lives. In their every adventure on the summer they spent separated and far away from each other, they found a way to keep in touch through somehow magical pants that fits all the four of them despite their varying body shapes and frames. They send and receive the pants from one friend to the next while writing what happens to them during their summer. In this way, they will still be there for each other especially when every one of them needs someone the most.

The introvert and reserved friend among the group of four, Lena, spends her summer with her relatives in a scenic Greek island. She then meets a charming Greek guy who turns out to be a member of the family that is not in good terms with Lena’s relatives. It is almost like a Romeo and Juliet kind of story except that no blood was shed and no star-crossed lovers had to die just to bring the two conflicting families together. Moreover, we also discover that our dear Lena is an artist. This idea was reinforced not merely because she draws pretty well but because when the charming Greek guy asked her why she chose to draw the abandoned church, she answered that she find its loneliness beautiful.

The aggressive and impulsive tough chick, Bridget, goes to a summer sports camp somewhere near a beach. She easily gets attracted to one of the coaches at the camp, which is not that surprising because the coach is just too cute, and she somewhat throws herself to him. He does not want to welcome her romantic offers at first because if they get caught, he will lose his job. But due to Bridget’s persistence, he succumbs to her seduction anyway. They made love on the beach, it was not clearly stated but it was implied, and Bridget realizes that it was not worth it and she feels empty after giving away her virginity for nothing.

The ill-tempered and rebel-looking Tibby is unfortunate to just spend summer at her hometown. She decides to spend it making a documentary she calls a “suckumentary” to express her perspective about the world. She does this filmmaking activity when she is free from working at a grocery store where she incidentally met Bailey who irritated her at first but became a really close a special friend.

Unconfident and vulnerable Carmen expects to have a great summer because she will be spending it with her dad who is separated from her mom. However, her expectations are not met as she feels outside the circle of her dad’s newfound family. When all the friends get back together before their summer reaches the end, they push her to return to her dad, make amends and attend his wedding with the new love of his life and right there she realizes that she actually is welcome in his dad’s new family.


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