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Three Meals a Day

Three Meals a Day

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the basic meal allotted for us every day. Unlike lower forms of animals that would just eat when they feel hungry, we humans would have to comply having this meal in order to keep our body working at its finest. Every meal has its own work to be done for our body in which the food we eat determines on how the meal will actually work for us. Which is the most important? Better check what they do for you first.

Breakfast. Majority of the people would have known or considered breakfast as the most important meal for the day. It provides the fuel for our body to start our everyday work. From sleeping for around 6 or more hours at night without eating, breakfast will do its job to revitalize and energize you to start your day. This is where energy giving foods are highly suggested since the energy it provides will be digested and consumed for the whole day. Not eating breakfast will make you weak physically and mentally.

Lunch. This is the meal that some considers their late breakfast (brunch) or just don’t eat at this time if they had breakfast. If you think your breakfast will make you last up to the end of the day, you are wrong. To be able to keep up with the activities and work you have to do for the later day, you have to eat lunch. Lunch maintains the energy you need for the day. It can affect your efficiency mentally and physically. Skipping meal is not good such that it can lead to different health problems and decreases your efficiency to work.

Dinner. This is normally considered the last meal for the day if you are not having those midnight snacks. If you think that this is the least important meal for the day since you no longer need the energy when you sleep, think again. Dinner determines on what goes to your digestive tract and how effective your body will repair itself at night as you sleep. This is the time where you should eat vegetables, and protein rich food. Eating such food will allow your body to effectively clean out excess waste on the digestive tract, help repairing muscles and tissues and allows organs to recover after a stressful day. Sleeping disorders may come when you don’t eat dinner. It is highly advisable to avoid sugar and fat as it can cause weight gain and increase blood pressure.

So, which do you say is the most important? Each meal counts. Each meal has a role to do for your body that you cannot neglect.  For some who have snacks in between meals is normal since food is what makes our body going. Just keep in mind to consider having healthy food at hand and avoid processed or fast foods that are not very healthy. Remember that what you eat has a great effect to your overall well-being. So keep yourself healthy by eating healthy.

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