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Time to Exercise

Time to Exercise

“I just can’t find the time to exercise, I’m so busy.’’ This is the common excuse of most women even men to not to be able to exercise. Unfortunately, that excuse is NOT acceptable. Exercise is very important to be a part of your daily lifestyle. Keeping yourself physically active will provide your body the strength and immunity to fight sickness. It cleans your body through sweating and regulating blood flow and it also clears your mind from stress and allows your brain cells to think clearer and wiser. It may seem harsh to say but it is not for you to find time, it is for you to create time for an exercise.

It would normally start from 30- 60 minutes of your precious time particularly for starters. You don’t have to do what those elite athletes do which spend most of their day exercising. With the development and technology, you’ll have the exercise that will surely fit you. What makes it difficult to do? Maybe, it is because your desire, determination and discipline are not enough to start with it. Believe in yourself. If you really don’t want it, you can’t do it. But if you really want to start becoming fit, even time will not hinder your way. The most difficult part of becoming fit is to start doing something for it. You are just so used with having a very easy and enjoyable life in which you are able to eat and do whatever you want. You are working so hard and you deserve the treat of an extravagant and luxurious life and enjoy. Though no one can actually prevent you from doing it, but you’ll realize your fault by the time that is too late. Your body will be too weak to be able to enjoy your life. You’ll get sick and eventually all your money will be spent in medications rather than in fun.

It is true. Your body also needs to be taken care of through proper diet and exercise. Without doing so, your body will become so weak. Before all this disaster to happen, start exercising NOW. Not tomorrow, not later but NOW. You have to discipline yourself. It is always difficult at the start but the pain is worth it. Have someone with you to keep you going. Later on in life, you will no longer feel pain but you will feel stronger and better than before. By the near future, you will thank yourself for your efforts of taking care of your body that enabled you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

As for me, I think the only excuse for not being able to exercise is when your doctor said so. If your body cannot handle such exercise, that is the only time you are not allowed to. Doctors are the one of the promoters of exercise for good health. They even suggest their patients to exercise as long as they can. So what is your excuse for not having an exercise? Just go and do it NOW!

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