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Tips for Women Fitness

Tips for Women Fitness

Women fitness always comes with health. Doing all those exercise will boost your immune system protecting you from possible disease. How? It regulates blood flow and allows the body to perspire or to sweat which is one of the best ways of removing wastes inside the body. It strengthen both the lungs and the heart thus, ensuring healthy physically, mentally and for most, even spiritually. Despite other people who may think negatively on the promotion of being fit, we cannot deny the fact that improper eating habit, lack of physical activity, and lack of rest is not good for the body. Medical results have proven that physically active women are less prone to different disorders and are to look younger and live longer. Going on different physical activity to remove the fat in your body doesn’t mean that you don’t like yourself. This is only a way of wanting to improve yourself and simply nurture and enjoy the gift of life given to you. Being physically active and fit allows you to enjoy so many things and enable you to do things far beyond of what you can expect. So what’s hindering you of being fit? Do it now before it’s too late.

The basic thing you have to remember in having a fit lifestyle is that it doesn’t happen overnight. So, you have to work on it. Aside from keeping yourself hydrated and fueled for your workout, here are some tips for women who might help them have and maintain that women fitness lifestyle.

Let’s begin with having to start going for that fitness lifestyle. It is always hard to begin with whatever you plan to change in your life. You have to be very determined and focused to fight fear and laziness that may hinder you to begin. The best thing you have to do first is go see a doctor or professional fitness persons.  This will help you see how fit you are to go for an exercise especially for those who have sedentary lifestyle, they will help you prepare yourself and even choose the specific workout that is good for you. It is better if you follow an effective exercise routine to fully achieve the women fitness level that you want. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), here are the top 3 suggested techniques to get fit; (1) Strength training 20 minutes / day, twice a week, (2) Interval training of 2-minute walk and 2-minute run  throughout the duration of the workout, and (3) Increased cardio or aerobic exercise having 60 minutes or more a day from low to moderate intensity physical activity such as walking, running, or dancing. Set realistic goals. Start from small goals for women fitness. You can simply start walking for 15 minutes, then aim for 30, going to jogging and go on. If you set goals so high, you might end up frustrated and stop your workout. Set goals one at a time and make it more realistic. Do your workout in accordance to your body clock. Set workouts where your energy is at its highest. This will allow you to fully accomplish your workout. If you are a morning person, do your exercises in the morning, if not, you can set it late in the afternoon. If your excuse would be your busy schedule, you can choose an exercise that suites you. It can be a simple exercise that can be done even in a small floor area. You can also consider wearing outfits fit for your workout. This will allow you to be more comfortable and focused on your main goal for your workout.

Now you have chosen and have started your life to fitness, to next question is how to keep up. The best way is to have a women fitness buddy. Have someone also wants to achieve fitness and encourage one another.  There are clubs you can join to be able to keep you going especially when laziness is about to beat you. Don’t overdo yourself with workouts. Have time to pamper your body with care. Do it at least once a week like a massage or any treat you may want. This will allow your body to recover and relax and will have something to look forward to keep you going. Be inspired.  Read different blogs, testimonies of different women fitness enthusiast to know how they are living and enjoying their fit lifestyle. You get bored if you do same workouts every time. Balance your workout. Do different exercises for all parts of the body. This will prevent boredom and better fitness for your body. Do some core and flexibility workouts with cardio and strength training. You can be amazed that these workouts can all be combined in just one hour. Be patient.  Like what I’ve said, it cannot be done overnight and when you are about to give up, just remember your goal and the benefits that these workouts may give to you.

For you to fully enjoy and accomplish your workout and avoid injury, let me tell you some of the mistakes commonly done by women even by men especially beginners. Most do their crunches with their neck instead of the abs. You may not know this, but this can lead to sprain in the neck. Press tongue, flush against the roof of your mouth before starting crunches. This will remove the strain to your neck and it will allow your stomach to work. You stretch before you do your cardio.  This can lead to strain in the muscle which is painful. Avoid stretching muscles when it’s not yet warmed up. Instead, start from low intensity of your workout and increasing it as muscle warms up. You lift the same weight every time. If you study, muscle building, you’ll find that muscle tends to work with resistance. At this case, you have to increase the weights or else, your exercise is useless.  You can increase about 5 pounds for every 2-3 weeks to increase muscle build up. You do real push-ups, the one that men really do. Women can do modified push-ups where the knees are on the ground. As long as it is properly done, it can work better for you rather than pushing yourself to do the real push up which you end up falling on the ground. You indulge yourself with pre-gym snack. These are very high in fiber and takes long and more energy to digest. You may end up losing energy for workout than gaining it. Banana is highly recommended before or even during workouts. They are easily digested by the body so energy is reserved for workouts. Similarly, you over indulge yourself after workouts. You should only eat what your body can consume. Too much eating even when you’re exercising will lead to losing the effect of workout. You’ll keep gaining weight and even blame the exercise which actually has no fault. Lastly, you don’t weigh yourself. You should monitor your weight especially as you exercise. This will help you determine the efficiency of your workout. At the same time, this will help you determine our Body Mass Index (BMI) which can determine if you are under normal weight.

It may seem quite difficult to start with but you’ll surely get by. With the strong determination and focused mind, you can do it. Believe in yourself. Don’t quit. In the end, you’ll love the result and realize that everything is worth it. Be fit. Live healthy. Enjoy life. Women fitness


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