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To Get Your Goal

To Get Your Goal

It has been said. Fail to plan, plan to fail. So if you are out on reaching certain goals, be it health or even career, academic, or relationship goals, here is a plan we have laid out for you. Be sure to follow these steps and you would be seeing yourself making great progress in achieving your life goals. Go for the gold, darling!

Our first step for you in reaching your goals in life would be to get real. We are not saying that it is wrong and nonsensical to be all positive and let all your willpower shine. But remember that it is not that easy to be a multi-millionaire, have an Angelina Jolie-like body, a flawless skin, a perfect hair, and the best relationship all at once. Of course, they are all possible. But it is a matter of being realistic. Pick a priority and focus on it. Then list down the other ones in the lower portion of priority list. You cannot just have it all, you know. Maybe not having it all that easy and quick. Or not really having them all. Just avoid getting your head in the clouds too often. Look reality in the eyes.

This may sound as a bad thing but this could be a really good thing if you just look closer: be picky. Choose a goal that satisfies your hearts desires, not to impress other people. Always ask yourself: Am I trying to achieve Angelina Jolie’s body because I really want it or because I want to get many Facebook likes the next time I post a photo of me in my bikini? If you were to ask me, I would pursue my engineering career because being an engineer is the key to a future I have always been dreaming of.

Yes, be realistic, but reach for the sky. No matter what you do, always give it your best shot. To help you reach the highest you could every try to reach, set a specific objective. Rather than tell yourself to have good grades this semester, aim for an A. Instead of telling yourself to run faster, tell yourself to run a mile in just five minutes.

It would also help to write down your goal so you would be really committed to achieve it. Do not seek the assistance of your personal digital assistant or your laptop. Write with a pen and paper so it would not be erasable.

Also, see two sides of the same coin.  See both the positive and negative aspects. It would help to see not only what you want to achieve but the obstacles you would have to conquer in reaching the finish line.

Break it down. To achieve a major goal, chop it off into pieces and deal with those little pieces one by one. Looking at the whole staircase you need to climb could tire you even before you take the first step. Rather, take the first step and see where you go from there.

It would also really help if you hang out with people who are as fired up in reaching a goal as you. We tend to pick the behaviors around us, so better be with goal-driven people, right?

Also, whenever you achieve a small piece in achieving a major goal, reward yourself. It is a really good way to stay motivated, isn’t it?

And of course, do not fail to plan. Whatever your goal is, a strategic and organized plan is a smart and sure-fire way to get you there. Like mentioned earlier, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


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