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To Shave or Not to Shave?

To Shave or Not to Shave?

It is a known fact that when a person reaches puberty, regardless of whether he’s a he or she’s a she, we

grow lots of hair in various areas in our body. And as the 20th Century came, leg shaving has been a well-
known practice among women most especially for the ladies living in the West. But have you ever asked
yourself: Why?

Shaving a female’s legs is mainly because of aesthetic reasons. We are led to believe that having a
hairless pair of legs is one the standards of beauty. But, is it really? If beauty is self-evident in nature,
that it is naturally present, why then are we trying to eliminate what is supposedly naturally there? And
if women ought to shave their legs, then why don’t men do the same?

Practically, being an ardent practitioner of leg shaving has multiple drawbacks. First, it takes too much
time and attention. We need to monitor if the hair is already growing back, spend much more time
getting rid of them, and constantly ask ourselves if it is already time to shave. Other women prefer
waxing, which is kind of painful though it decreases the speed of the hair’s growth rate. However, aside
from hurting, it is also somehow expensive. Imagine all the money, time and worry we are spending for
such a seemingly mere aesthetic practice but is actually an indirect anti-woman custom.

It is because of this false notion that the world needs feminism. We ought not to shave just because
men think we look better if we do so, and they do not have to suffer the same in return. Women should
learn to love who they naturally are, not what others force them to believe they must be. Women, and
much more importantly men, should realize what true beauty is: that it is not something so superficial
that it depends on the amount of hair a woman has on her legs but rather a profound concept that
encompasses all things for every single being has its own share of beauty.

Once we learn to accept that beauty does not lie on hairless legs, we should then ask ourselves: Why do
we shave? What for? And surely it would leave us really wondering why.

This is not to oppose the leg shaving practice. Rather, it combats the common belief that hairy legs are
ugly. Hairless legs do not make a woman any more or less beautiful, sexy and stunning. If we choose to
shave, then do so. If not, then we must also be free to not shave. We must realize that beauty varies
greatly from person to person, and what is truly important is that we see our own beauty.

Leg shaving is something so trivial, so insignificant to dictate what is beautiful and what is not. If society
tells you the otherwise, feel free to ignore what it says. True beauty is something so great that leg
shaving can never take hold of it nor direct its path. It comes from within. What women truly need are
not hairless legs, but the confidence to love the way they look.

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