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Truths about Happiness

Truths about Happiness

Happiness is not only among the many desires of man. It is also a very important thing that we must keep in our lives. Being happy means we are emotionally healthy. Being emotionally well contributes to our overall physical health and wellness. There have been way too many misconceptions about happiness, and we are here to tell you some truths about it.

Some people say that it is either you have or you do not. Some people appear to be naturally bearing a sweet disposition while others always seem to be ill-tempered and grouchy. No, either having it or not having it is not the case. It is not true. Happiness is not something already deposited into our lives. It is something we work for. Doing things to make us happy may not give us that kind of supreme, heaven-like happiness but they would surely make us happier than we already are. Nurturing our relationships with people we love, giving back to the needy, volunteering for charitable works, creating art- these things could bring happiness and they could even become habits and become parts of our life.

Happiness is a destination. True? No. Happiness is not a place we ought to reach or something we ought to acquire. Happiness is not about graduating with flying colors, having a high-paying job, having a lot of money, getting married, or even moving to a new place. Of course, they could contribute to making you happy, but you would soon find out that they do not matter as much as they appear to be. Happiness is not the finish line, but the marathon itself. What truly makes us happy are those times when we are striving hard to learn and when we are actually learning, when we do our job, when we are having the best times with the one we love, when we look at the magnificent sights on our way to something.

It is also false to assume that negative things always manage to outweigh positive ones. It is like we are happy one moment and then a negative happening would turn everything upside down. It would only overcome the happy moments when you let it to. Positive emotions do not protect you from feeling bad things, but they help you overcome its consequences.

Happiness is also not about seeking pleasure. Pursuit of pleasure may bring us temporary burst of positive emotions, but they do not equate to happiness. Happiness, more often than not, comes out when we help other people. When we volunteer for good works or do generous acts, we feel happier. Compassion is what brings true and lasting happiness. Do not believe it? Why not try it?

Most importantly, happiness is not “one size fits all”. Happiness varies from person to person and there is no magical stuff that would instantly enhance our state of being happy. Happiness is a process. There are many ways to be happier. We could try finding an activity that is meaningful to you. If you find an activity that gives you a sense of gratitude, connectedness, forgiveness, and optimism, you are on the right track. Also, you must assess your strengths and talents and do them to bring happiness to others thus also bringing happiness to yourself.

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