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Twitter Perks

Twitter Perks

Twitter is the new Facebook. Well, not really. But it shares the same spotlight with today’s most sought-

after social network. Twitter isn’t just social; it’s also the new face of blogging.

Technically, Twitter is a microblogging site created just this 2006 that lets the user post their thoughts
and ideas in just 140 characters of less. It also allows publishing of video links and photos. Greatly
opposed to macroblogging, which is actually the commonly known blogging composed of lengthy
writings, Twitter permits the public to share insights without having to spend too much time making
compositions. Actually, we do not always need a thousand words to move people and change the world.
An honest six-word thought straight from the heart can make a lot of difference. Plus, it attracts more
readers- most especially lazy people who cannot tolerate reading even just a paragraph.

What’s really loved by people about Twitter is that it’s highly interactive. You can follow the people
you care about, even those celebrities who are not aware of your existence and who’ll never follow
you back, and be updated about whatever happens in their lives as long as they tweet about it. You can
mention them in your tweets, or reply to their very own tweet. Twitter also leaves room for privacy
as it allows sending of direct messages which are visible only between the sender and the receiver.
Moreover, you can also be aware of what the world is talking about as Twitter displays the top ten
trending topics. You can even set it to worldwide or to any region of the world.

Advancement of technology surely makes the world a smaller place. And Twitter makes you a part of the
lives of people millions of miles and lots of time zones away. Happy tweeting!


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