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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

One of the best films this February would definitely be Warm Bodies. Not only is the idea new, interesting, and clever, the movie itself is hilarious, highly entertaining and overall a magnificent treat. If you miss this film this month, you missed half of the shortest yet never the least special month of the year.

We have been used to watching zombie and post-apocalyptic films whose heroes and heroines are the humans who are trying to get rid of the vicious, frightening, bloodthirsty, and brain-seeking monsters that are popularly referred to as zombies. Yes, we did not let go of the human side of the story. It is hard to, actually. Our lady protagonist is a certified human; a zombie-killing, gunslinging, butt-kicking heroine. She is not your usual sweet and innocent damsel in distress. And I am more than a hundred percent sure that we do love her as a tough chick. We really, really do. I honestly am getting tired of the typical representation of a female as a weakling. And thanks to Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games, Princess Merida of Disney-Pixar’s Brave, and now, Warm Bodies’ Julie, you have shown that even ladies have what it takes to save themselves and more importantly, save the day.

But what actually made Warm Bodies a total standout is the plot twist that our hero is a freaking zombie. I mean, you rarely find a film that presents the side of what seemingly is nothing more than monsters that ruin people’s lives. Warm Bodies excellently showed a perspective new to the audience. And they nailed it! I have found a new dream guy in a fictional character- I truly, deeply, and eagerly love and admire the entirety of you, R!

Warm Bodies did not only victoriously offered entertainment and an hour and forty minutes of extreme excitement and superb storytelling, it also reminded us lessons we might have already forgotten as time passed. Yes, the only permanent thing in this world is change. Yes, nothing is impossible. And yes, we must never give up on anybody, even if that anybody is already a living dead, because miracles happen everyday.

Aside from everything mentioned, Warm Bodies also introduced us to potential bright stars in Hollywood like the hot and superb Nicholas Hoult as R and Teresa Palmer as the cool chick Julie. Kudos to Jonathan Levine for coming up not only with a top grosser but also a terrific motion picture. Take it from me, Warm Bodies is certainly worth every single cent.

You rarely come across a film that is entirely new, highly interesting, extremely entertaining, and definitely splendid. Warm Bodies was tastefully planned and very well executed. Let R, Julie and the rest of them, both alive and dead, be a part of your fabulous February and I promise it would be more than worth it. Warm Bodies is not the new Zombieland but rather a different treat though being on the same page that is equally amazing and amusing. Go straight to the nearest theater now! Do yourself a favor and treat your awesome self with a worthy film. You deserve it.

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