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Water Power

Water Power

If an award is to be given to the best drink in the whole world or even in the entire universe, it would most certainly go to water. Scientifically and even rhetorically, water is the basis of life. Not only does it appear to be highly valuable for your existence, it could also do wonders to help you feel that you are at your best. No, water could not cure AIDS or cancer though it could help prevent having cancer, it cannot make you an instant Einstein, it certainly could not make your crush fall for you, and it could not make you immortal. But here are some of the many reasons why you should fall head over heels for water.

If you are on the process of trudging the weight loss road, water would be one of your best friends. Why? Water is your best friend because it boosts metabolism. In layman’s term, water helps burn fat more rapidly and efficiently. Drinking water could boost the metabolism rate by as much as thirty percent. You must also make drinking about two to three cups of water before every meal. This is because water makes you feel full thus making you eat less. Try not to get dehydrated as dehydration could slow down metabolism. So if you are trying to lose weight, always have a bottle of water to come in handy.

Water does not only cut the pounds, trim the unwanted fats, and get rid of all the flabs in your tummy. It is also good for the heart. Letting the inner side of your body be refreshed with generous amounts of water often proved to cut the risk of heart disease. Drinking more than five glasses of water daily could cut your risk of dying from a heart attack for as much as almost half. Not only is water good for the heart. Being always well-hydrated also cuts the risk of colon cancer by almost half, bladder cancer by half, and potentially breast cancer as well.

And if you tired from all the banging pain in your head, water is the solution you need. Water helps prevent the occurrence of headache. And it is not just about simple headache. Water could do as much as prevent migraines. Water lessens the frequency and intensity of pain.

So, I was partially wrong when I said that water could not make you an instant Einstein. I say partially because water could also boost brainpower. The brain is in deep need of oxygen to function efficiently and drinking water is a sure-fire way to attend to this need. Drinking eight to ten cups of water daily could boost your cognitive functions by as much as thirty percent. And dehydration could harm your thinking skills. So it absolutely is better to have a water come in handy.

Water could also keep you alert at work or at school. Since dehydration is among the common causes of daytime fatigue, drinking water solves the problem. So when you feel like your battery is going on empty, have a glass of water.

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