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Weight Loss Apps

Weight Loss Apps

Only if you are creative enough, everything within reach could be your weapon in your quest of slimming down and getting rid of unwanted fats and cutting the pounds. Yes, even your smartphone could be your friendly comrade in your battle against too much weight. Here are some of the must-download apps that would help you get in perfect shape.

For Android phone owners, better start downloading the Noom Weight Loss app. It is a toolkit that helps you set goals for your weight loss endeavors and also helps you keep track of your success. It has three main functions. First, it helps you make a weight loss goal and help you keep track of your progress. Second, it helps you keep track of your food intake. Third, it logs your exercise to help you make the right and healthy decisions and choices. The Noom Weight Loss app is a must-have for every person who wants to lose weight effectively in a systematic and organized manner.

For people who love workouts that involve getting from one place to another constantly, the Endomondo Sports Tracker app is for you. Another good news is that this application is available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. This awesome application keeps track of your route and makes your travel fun and exciting. It records your run by providing a Google map view, showing lap times, and having a record of the history of your running activities. This app would also keep you motivated through the pep talks from your friends and for the notifications that appear every time you reach a mile. If you are serious about your running activity, you could download the paid version for additional functions like pulling in data from heart-rate sensors and pedometers while being integrated to Facebook and Twitter.

To be a smarter eater, the Eat This! Not That the Game app is for you and your iPhone. It is a game that is quite similar to The Price is Right except that it would show you two similar food products and you should guess which one is the healthier choice. Not only is it fun and addicting, it also makes you smarter when choosing which food to eat.

Another effective weight loss app is Calorie Counter MyNetDiary which is available for both iPhone and Android. This app keeps track of your nutrition intake as well as your exercise. By showing you the figures, it gives you t he power to take over your intake. Charts and graphs are effective tools to show you your progress and keep you motivated. Also, it is very easy to use. All you need to do is to scan the barcode of your snack or key-in the name of the food and it would search its relatively large database with over four hundred twenty thousand entries.

For women who need trainers but are not comfortable really having someone by your side during workouts, the Nike Training Club app is for you and your iPhone. It relieves you from the cost and awkwardness of having a personal trainer. It provides you with many workout routines from athletes, celebrities and professionals themselves while taking into consideration your requirements and abilities. And these workouts are especially made for women.

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