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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

The road to weight loss is not a smooth and easy one. Traversing this road means having a bumpy ride that features a series of ups and downs, mostly downs actually. And in your moments of despair, hopelessness, and weary, we are here to give you some tips that would come in handy whenever you feel like you cannot go on any longer. Hold on. Keep the faith. Never give up. Losing weight may not be easy. But it would always be worth it.

First, do not be too hard on yourself. Do not expect yourself to be always high and happy about dieting and exercising. Somehow feeling the loss of motivation does not readily means you are failing at your weight loss journey. If you do not feel like dieting or exercising, loosen the grip for about one to three days. The more you push yourself to get motivated when you really aren’t, the more you will lose the much wanted motivation. It is just like a butterfly. The more you try to catch it, the more it flies away. But when you just let it be, you would find it sitting quietly on your shoulder.

And to get some dose of inspiration, try to ask yourself. If you stop dieting or exercising, what would you become six weeks from now? How about six months from now? How would it affect you and your family and friends? If the answer does not seem so nice, then you may want to continue with your efforts.

If you find it hard sticking to your weight loss routines, you may also want to remember the promises you have made to your family, your friends, your boyfriend, and yourself.  Those promises need not to be always connected to your weight loss. Just try to stick with your promises. The more you accomplish all kinds of promises you made, the more you will stick to your promises of weight loss.

Also, keep your eyes free of skinny models and celebrities. If you think that putting up posters of skinny models and actresses would keep you motivated on your weight loss goals, you thought wrong. The truth is doing so may actually hinder your success. Being focused on those photographs gives you unrealistic standards of beauty. Instead of looking at those skinny models, why not post pictures of you at your healthiest weight?

Another great way to stay motivated is to concentrate on the feeling instead of the figures. Rather than focusing on the numbers you see on the weighing scale which would more likely dishearten you, just focus on the feeling after you finish an exercise or after eating a healthy meal. Rewarding, isn’t it? Motivation is not always present before doing an activity. It could also be found after succeeding at an activity.

Also, have a plan in mind. Make an organized, systematic and strategic layout of the efforts to be done and the goals to be accomplished. As the saying goes, “Fail to plan. Plan to fail.”

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