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Weird Food Stuffs

Weird Food Stuffs

You may not know it now, but there are actually weird stuffs included on different foods sold in the market. You may be surprised that your favorite food is incorporated with some ingredients you can’t believe should be included in your food. Before you punch that food item you are going to buy, better to know what are really there to decide if you really want to buy them at all.

  • Titanium dioxide is a chemical use in paints or in sun block lotions but you’ll be surprised for this chemical is also used as a cloudifier (to give a cloudy effect on drinks or food) in coffee creamer , juices or in salad dressings.
  • Silicon dioxide is a sand and is similar to those silica gel in leather shoes or bags which strictly says; “DO NOT SWALLOW” or “DO NOT EAT”. This however is used as an anti-caking agents in some powdered products (juices, coffee, tea, etc.) and it is sometimes found in food meat fillings.
  • Caramel coloring is artificially made with ammonia and sulfites which has been associated to some illness among animals such as lung, liver and thyroid cancer. This is often added as coloring to dark beverages such as beers, colas, iced teas, or even in condiments such as soy sauce.
  • Sodium bisulfate is used to extend the shelf-life of chips and other snacks but this can also be used as a toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Blue #2 is an indigo colored dye which can actually cause brain tumors in rats which can possibly happen to us.
  • Potassium bromate is common ingredients in breads; it is an oxidizing agent which can be carcinogenic.
  • Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free sweetener which is 200x sweeter than sugar. This however can cause tumors and trigger medical disorders.
  • Castoreum are under natural flavoring which imparts the berry or vanilla flavoring in puddings and gelatin. You may be surprised that this is flavoring is acquired from beaver anal gland. A little grouse but it is actually natural.
  • Interesterified fat is actually used for alternative for trans fat but actually have the same negative side effects.

This is not to totally prohibit you from buying different foods in the market that contains these ingredients because you might end up not buying anything at all. These ingredients are added in such amount which is not really detrimental to health. Otherwise, it will be pulled out into the market before you knew the product actually exist. Just be careful of taking it too much such that most have negative side effects to your health if taken beyond acceptable level. What should be done is to balance the intake of such processed foods with natural cleansing foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of water which is around 8-10 huge glasses to clean your body from undesirable toxin you may be taking. Be careful as to some though came from natural sources may trigger allergies if not properly aware of the ingredients the food you’re eating actually contains. Just keep in mind that it really pays to check the label. 

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