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What Flowers Say to You

Flowers often symbolize beauty and elegance, but aside from that flower also express meaning which interpret your personality and mood. As time passed by, legends, history, traditions, and arts have used this meanings to convey messages through artworks, and traditions from the older times. Every flower used to convey messages have their own historical background which proves what is the real reason why it symbolizes certain messages.  The interpretations made by experts based on flowers through the time that it was discovered, its location, the tradition and the culture of the people.  Two of the most popular flowers used to represent certain messages were lotus and roses. In Medieval Europe, Lotus represents the center of all things. While Roses were known to represent several meanings depending on its color, size and shape.  There are also various flowers which represent several meanings which I will include in my article.

Tulips. Before they used to represent the revitalizing essence of spring but know it was known to be a symbol of hope. Contrary to the dark history of this flower, Tulips were known to represent light and goodness of intention. Giving a tulip to a special person may mean warmth of love and hope.

Sunflowers. These flowers were known for their famous capability of tracking the position of the sun.  Because of its popularity it was used by several groups to be their symbol of ideology and mission and to countries as their national flower. It was also used by shepherds to know the time of the day because of its unique capability. Sunflowers were known to symbolize timelessness. So if you want to say someone about their importance to you, you must give them a sunflower to indicate that your relationship to them is important and timeless.

Orchids. Orchids are one of the rarest and hardest to find of all flowers grown commercially. Orchids were known to symbolize uniqueness of love as no each of this blossoms have their own exotic beauty. It was also known to represent regal beauty.

Carnations. Carnations were known to represent pride and confidence of innate beauty as each of its ruffles was of unique and confident beauty. So give it to someone if you want to show that you are proud of them.

Anthuriums.  These flowers originated and were discovered in Colombia and in some parts of North and South American rainforests. In Hawaii, it serves as a messenger of hospitality. It is one of the most lasting flowers, used in welcoming guest in Hawaii. It also symbolizes warmth of love and joy.

Lilacs. It is known symbolize maturity and growth despite its childish and playful colors and forms. Pink lilac blossoms were known to represent innocent beauty and experience. Lilacs were also best to represent youth and wisdom.

Daffodils. The bright yellow glow of daffodils represents the promise of a new day or simply an awaiting hope. It also represents longer days or relationship as to the wake of the spring time.

Now that you know what flowers say to you, you will know be able to interpret certain messages hidden through gifts and artworks. If in case you are given some unfamiliar flower, you may interpret it by looking at its color, shape, and form.



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