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What to Eat Before a Run

What to Eat Before a Run

Oftentimes as we run, may it be in a race or in our personal workout, we may experience several unpleasant feelings which irritates us and affects our performance as we run. Some of this unpleasant feelings may just be because of insufficient water in the body, lack of sleep, or just because you have not eaten the proper food to eat before a run. Like drinking water and sleeping, eating the correct food is also one of the important things to consider before running. These 3 aspects are so critical that if you missed one of it your performance while you run will be greatly affected.

Carbohydrates. It is important for every runner to earn enough carbohydrates on or before the race. Carbohydrates is really helpful especially at times we run, being known as the most efficient form of fuel, foods with enough carbs will really be of great help to every runner. Examples of food rich in carbohydrates are breads, oats, figs, pasta white rice and plain bagels. However be cautious in eating whole grain and fiber rich foods because these foods are hard to digest making you fell a lot heavy making it uneasy to run in the day of the running event.

Bananas. Bananas are often used by runners as it is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium but doesn’t have fats. Potassium, that main asset of bananas is great in proper muscle contraction. The sugars in bananas, glucose and fructose, is really great in energy production. Glucose is the most easiest to digest sugar which makes it easier to get into the bloodstream and be used as a quick source of energy. On the other hand fructose is absorbed slower making it a lasting energy source while running.

Healthy Dairy Products. Even though some runners may experience digestive problems after consuming dairies, it is still important to at least include dairies  in your meals as well. Eat dairies like yogurts and cultured milk which contain good bacteria that are helpful in digestion.

Water. It is important that your body is well hydrated before you enter into a run or even in different workouts.  Water helps in clearing lactic acid build-ups in the body which causes pain in working muscles.  There are several innovations which are made into water to make it more enjoyable and more helpful to runners.

We cannot erase the fact that food is important to us, it is one of the main sources of our energy, and it acts as a fuel for every work and effort we exert, that’s why it’s so important to eat before running to avoid lack of enough fuel for the efforts we exert. Even though some may aim for a fitter body still skipping meals before a run is very dangerous and you may end up collapsing after a short time while pushing yourself to run more. But before running there are foods that we must consider important to eat, as it serves in improving the overall performance of our body. These foods will really be of great help to prevent you from early exhaustion and other common running mishaps.




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