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What’s for lunch?

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is the midday meal. You may be at home or at work at this time of the day but whatever you do, you should always allot time to have your lunch. It is very important that it keeps you going later of the day as your breakfast isn’t enough to sustain you. Eating lunch is very important such that without it will lower your efficiency to work mentally or physically and it can also lead to serious health problems. To have your lunch, it is not really suggested to take those fast foods for they contain high calories and not good for your health. It is always better to do it yourself to insure that it is healthy, clean and can really boost you for the later day ahead.

So what do you need for lunch? Here are some foods that you should take and should avoid if you want to consider having your healthy lunch.

You can skip Deli meat and replace it with sliced tofu, roasted meat or grilled chicken. These will provide you higher and richer amount of protein while letting you reduce you sodium and fat intake.

Try Triscuits instead of wheat thins. Triscuits are made of whole wheat flour which is higher in fiber and lower calories than wheat thins. Wheat thins has flour which is high in glycemic index which is a NO for metabolic syndrome.

Natural peanut butter is better than cream cheese on Bagels. The oil content of peanut are considered healthy oil which is good for your heart. At the same time, peanut are higher in fiber, lower in saturated fat and higher in protein which makes it far better to have than cream cheese. Peanut butter is good even for those who want to lose weight since it provide you the feeling of fullness even at low amounts.

Fresh fruits are the best among dried fruit, fruit juices or fruit sauces. You should always opt for the actual fruit to be able to have its nutrients to the fullest. Fresh fruits are higher in fiber and richer in vitamins and minerals. For juices, it actually saves you from additional liquid calories. Dried fruits such as raisins and sauces such as apple sauce tend to have higher amount of sugar to preserve it.

Opt for whole wheat pasta. If you are cooking or ordering from a restaurant, it is better to eat the whole wheat rather than the regular pasta. It is higher in fiber and frees you from added flour.

Replace Lay’s potato chips with multigrain chips. If you are craving for something salty, you can try multigrain chips which are healthier due to high fiber and protein content. It is also low in calories and salt that frees you from health worries and still enjoys chips.

As for dessert, go for dark chocolate than cookies. Dark chocolate are high in antioxidants while cookies are high in calories due to butter and sugar. Dark chocolate is definitely a check for it actually a sweet treat for all at the same time healthy for all.

So in choosing what you eat for lunch, consider those which are healthier and can save you from worries for your health in the future. One should never miss their lunch basically because they’ll starve if they do.

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