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What’s in your Bacon?

What’s in your Bacon?

Just looking at the picture makes your mouth water. It is really delicious! I just love it! It is one of those breakfast meal the almost everyone would be fine of having in lunch or dinner. It is good with coffee, bread or fried rice with an egg and you’re off to that perfect meal for the day. YUMMY! However, is it really perfect? What’s really in your bacon that almost all people around the world find it difficult to resist? As almost everyone loves it, is it really good enough for all? Is it really good for breakfast?

Technically speaking, bacon is a cured meat from pigs. It is processed using a large amount of salt can be through brine solution or dry. As of today, it comes in a combination of the basic curing ingredients; sugar, salt, and nitrates or nitrites. There are those which are called green bacon which is also called fresh bacon which is described as the bacon after curing and before boiling or smoking. Boiled bacon is normally ready to eat while smoked bacon or dried bacon may or may not be cooked further depending on your choice. It is often fried and as said, can be served with any kind of loaf bread you prefer or with rice (normally fried) with egg whatever you wish to cook it. Lastly, it just tastes so good that it’s so difficult to resist.

What makes your bacon so mouth watering and delicious is basically FAT. Its nutritional content actually differs from the part of the pig the bacon is made of. For an estimate, four slices of 14 grams slices of bacon contain an approximately 7.45 grams fat which comprises of monounsaturated fat (around 50 %), saturated fat (around 1/3), and polyunsaturated fat (around 1/6) of all the fat it contains. Bacon also contains 7.72 grams of protein and 800 milligrams sodium which is approximately 1.92 grams salt acquired during the curing process.

In a 2007 study at the Columbia University, different cured meat products which include bacon were allotted to be a cause to having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. The main cause was the use of Sodium Nitrite for curing. This had been a major threat for people that had lead to a decrease of the bacon consumption. However, this was figured out by using other curing agents which reduces the concentration on nitrites applied in curing. Nonetheless, no one can still deny the fact how high the salt content and the amount of saturated fat present in bacon which can cause a variety of health problems. Bacon is never advisable to be taken every day especially if you are planning on losing weight. The amount of fat the bacon contains can lead to increasing your cholesterol levels that is not good for your heart, blood pressure as well as your stress level. More and more doctors and dieticians would often prevent you from eating it. However, since bacon is so irresistible, you can just moderate yourself eating it to be able to keep yourself healthy and at the same time, enjoying the food that you love.

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