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What’s with the Women’s Health Magazine?

What’s with the Women’s Health Magazine?

There are a lot of women’s health magazines out there, but what I am to talk about is basically the Women’s Health Magazine itself, the one that goes with the Men’s Health magazine. If you got the January-February 2013 issue, you might be looking at the fit and sexy Emily Van Camp but if you’re looking forward for the March issue, you’ll be seeing Jessica Alba on her fit and stylish outfit. It’s one of the best selling magazines in the world having 1.5 million US readers and 8 million readers around the world. If you are aiming to look good and feel great, this may be the perfect time for you to start having a copy of this magazine.

What’s with the Women’s Health Magazine? It basically talks to women who are smart, positive, stylish, active, funny and sensational. So if you think you’re one of them, or may want to be like them, you may enjoy reading this magazine. It started in 2005,as the sister of the Men’s Health Magazine, published by the Rodale Inc., in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. The magazine focuses on health, nutrition, fitness, sex, and lifestyles. There are ten episode released each year in the United States. Now, it has 12 international editions representing each country such as US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Latin America, China, Germany, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

Looking at the magazine, you’ll see the all the sections basically for women; Fitness, Sex and Love, Food, Weight Loss, Eat this!, Health, Beauty and Style. Fitness provides you with suggested workout that will best suit you, it comes in well detailed, step by step procedure to ensure proper execution of the workout. Together with it are other stuff or tips to prevent pain or injury due to workouts. At the same time, it provides photos of people that you can aspire to have the same body. The magazine understands women’s issues on sex and love. This section includes relationship advices, some on how to deal with your guy or finding it. Sex is dealt here with professionalism and includes women’s health concerns and emotional issues. What I really love in this magazine is FOOD. This section provides information about the food we eat. It’s fun how to create simple but delicious and healthy dishes from different chefs in the globe. It deals with the body’s metabolism, organic foods, recipes, flat belly food, energy foods and other food that will sure suit your lifestyle or may help you reach your goal.

Weight loss provides workouts that will help you shed those fats and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of the different things that you can do in losing weight. At the same time, it provides ways on properly regulate weight loss to achieve the shape you want. In enables you to understand the risks you have to take in the process. Eat this! is like an extension of the ‘’Eat this and not that’’ section in the other magazine published by Rodale Inc. the section provide a healthier alternative to replace your wrong food habits with healthy ones. It include the risks if too much of a certain food is taken and thus, prevent you from the bad effects it can cause. Health as everyone’s concerns, show us different technologies and women must-knows that is related to their health. It deals with current health issues that will aware women provide preventive measures to protect women’s health. Beauty and fashion comes together with up to date trends on outfits, shoes, hairstyles and others. Normally, what makes you good inside is what makes you beautiful outside.

Let’s call it the WH magazine. The WH magazine has spread its news and popularity thru multimedia marketing. The internet has been a very important tool on making the magazine known and doing its goal to enlighten, empower, and unite women all over the world. With the magazine women are able to connect with the feelings of one another though very far and in different country.

There are several activities held by the magazine or is sponsored by the magazine. Women’ s Health, are you game? focuses on beauty, health and nutrition. It is held at Chicago and New York city. It’s a general event with workout trainings, seminars on health, cooking demos and others. They also held a ZOOMA race with half marathons, 5km and 10km runs held with a pampering party after the race. You can check it in the internet where it’ll be held for 2013. The Summer Streest NYCshows another way to explore the city which is by bike or foot. No vehicles are allowed on roads for people to have new alternative for transportation. WH magazines activities differ depending on the country to fit for the women’s respective lifestyles to discover something new.

While you may think that everything is good with WH magazine and other health related magazines, think again. There are those that think these are bad stuff. These magazines make them feel bad of themselves forgetting the concept of loving oneself and freedom to do what you want.  It’s like a simple act of manipulation of the mind by providing the standards of beauty as such, those who are not to qualify are neglected. Here are some selections on different health magazines that they find faulty; “firm and Fit, NOW!, look great Naked!, flatten your Belly! Lose weight and toned, NOW! And others that basically says that you are fit and sexy when you’re belly is as flat as an ironing board and when you shed that fat in your body. They actually promote self –acceptance and freedom to do what you want not because that is what society’s standards told you to do.

These magazines are sold in the market and are accessible whenever you wanted. No one can force you to do what’s in the magazine if you don’t feel like doing it. What is important is for you to feel good about yourself no matter what your looks may be. Remember, that beauty from within is what matters most. The Women’s Health is here to guide you but if you feel to have it your way, you may.

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