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When High Heels Aren’t Fab

When High Heels Aren’t Fab

Women love to wear heels. Even the tall ones. It is like one of a woman’s best buddy in looking the best.

They give a really good edge to a woman’s overall look. What could be sexier than miniskirts partnered
with four-inch pumps? Aside from the look, it also gives style to the way a woman struts. It also gives
women good body posture and more confidence. It makes the legs look longer and more attractive in
general. But wearing this fashion must-have has prices we should pay.

High heels and discomfort are inseparable. Though women look lovely, stunning, and model-like in high
heels, they also suffer various consequences and they are not at all pretty.

Since wearing high heels concentrate the entire body weight in an imbalanced manner on the foot,
pain on the legs and feet are more often than not present. It can even cause hip pain in some cases.
It also puts great pressure on the lower back of the wearer. High heels can really affect the condition
of the spine. Wearing a pair of high heels often can lead to the tendency of breaking the spine’s
natural alignment and if the spine nerves are squeezed, one could suffer from pain, prickling and lack
of sensation. Also, it causes ankle injuries, hammertoes and inflammations. Leg sprain is also a huge
possibility when wearing high heels especially when the wearer is not used to being in heels so often.
Moreover, body weight concentrated too much on the ball of the foot can make them noticeably harder
and even develop yellow patches.

In addition, high heels may make it really difficult and uncomfortable to walk long distances most
especially when the woman wearing the heels is not very used to wearing them. It may also lead to the
woman stumbling down. Falling accidents while wearing heels could lead to major injuries on the foot
especially on the ankle. The damage may also be irreversible in extreme cases.

Despite the many inconveniences and setbacks of wearing heels, it appeared to be some kind of a
necessity in a modern woman’s life. It is a must to look classy, stylish and fashionable. Since we cannot
eliminate these seemingly attractive yet perilous babies, we should then just learn the ways of being in
high heels in the safest and smartest ways possible.

Though a highly evident fact, it must be reiterated that we buy shoes that fit perfectly. We should
measure the length of our foot every time we buy shoes since just a little increase in weight can make
our shoe size vary even just a little. And keep in mind that different brands may also have different sizing

It is also advisable to wear thin socks or foot stockings when wearing heels. It reduces friction from the
rubbing of the foot with the material of the shoe.

Also, do not let the heel and the ball of the foot or the toe touch the surface you are walking on at the
same time. Walk the same way you walk when not wearing heels. Let the heel touch the ground first
then the ball of the foot.

And apparently, do not wear heels often since most problems that arise are due to long time spent in

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