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When You Hate Exercise

When You Hate Exercise

Maybe you are not really an active person. You disdain the idea of the sweat, the heat, and the tired muscles. Your PE classes make you want to throw up. You would rather sit in one corner and watch others play. When a friend asks you if you want to play badminton at the park, you would just give a forced smile and say, “No, thank you.” Wow, you really do hate exercise. But you are destined for a healthy lifestyle. You would not achieve this without exercise. For you who hate exercise, here are ways to start loving it.

Of course, you first be well aware of the many health benefits of exercise. Just so you know, the benefits of exercise do not begin and end with your physical state. Its benefits extend as far as your mental and psychological wellness. Do some research. Read more. The more you know the better.

Now that you have come to realize why you should exercise, it kind of solves half the dilemma. The beginning is always the hardest. But once you acquire the right motivation to get moving, the rest would be bearable. Nobody is saying that it would be that easy. But it is not so hard as well. And most importantly, you would come to realize that it is worth it all.

When it comes to weight loss and exercise, it is highly recommended that you keep your physical fitness journal. Keep track of how much calories you consume, and how much you burn. Record the minutes you dance to the music and its intensity. Jot down your distance travelled when you walked or ran. And to help you lose weight and trim the unwanted fats, keep in mind that you really would lose weight if the amount of calories you consume is less than that you burn.

It is also really helpful to realize that it will come to a point that you would need to upgrade. Take your exercise to the next level once you get a hang of your current routine. You could try wearing a pedometer. It is not that expensive and you could purchase one at the nearest sports shop. If you managed to walk two hundred steps today, make it two hundred fifty or three hundred tomorrow.

Another way to keep you doing something you used to hate is to make it fun and enjoyable for you. Squeeze exercise into your daily routine. Infuse it into your daily tasks. For example, instead of sitting around and staring blankly into space during your free time, why not start walking and exploring. It could be that simple. Also, get creative and find ways to make your exercise fun. Maybe you could put on some earphones and listen to some upbeat and lively music. Or maybe try walking with a friend while having your little chitchat. It is also a must that you choose an exercise you know you would love doing.

To get more time for your exercise, give up some of your time spent in front of the TV, using the computer of texting and use it for your exercise where you would get more benefits.

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