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When You Hinder Your Own Happiness

When You Hinder Your Own Happiness

Your happiness could be ruined by some not-so-good habits you have grown used to doing. Everyone has bad habits. Who doesn’t? But if you consistently and continuously let them be your habits and do nothing to change them or keep away from them, you are sabotaging your own happiness. They may make you lose your good reputation, your friends, and even your goals. Your bad habit could be something that destroys you when you start being disappointed in yourself. How is it possible that we become the hindrance to our own happiness? It is when we unconsciously do things we never knew were that destructive. To prohibit yourself from ruining your own happiness, you should learn first what you are doing wrong. Lucky for you, we are here to help.

Yes, procrastinating could destroy you. You always make excuses to put off tasks you could finish today. Oh, you still have time tomorrow. Besides, you work well under pressure. Actually, procrastination rises from insecurity. You are afraid that your project at hand would not turn out or work out well. You procrastinate so that if ever the project fails, you would say that you could have done it better if you had more time. You are afraid to face the outcome. It may be because you fear failure. How to fix it? Get ready for the worst-case scenario. If what you are supposed to be doing fails, would you become a hobo? Would you lose all your friends? Would your family disown you? Failure is a part of life. Do not be afraid of it. Failure is good because you learn a lot from it. With success, you do not learn as much. Just remember to keep moving forward and be the best that you can be.

If you think that treating yourself with designer shoes, clothes, bags and perfume would make you happy, think again. Too much of the material stuff would put you into the quicksand of debts. Impulsive shopping has been a way women have used to turn away from negative emotions. They try to numb the feelings of boredom, depression, anxiety and frustration with spending. But if this puts you into so much debt, this proves to be something you cannot afford. Literally. Instead of throwing away the money you have worked hard for, or, worse, the money you do not have, try to shift your focus to healthy activities like exercising, reading a good book, listening to music, and creating art.

Even being “fashionably late” could be destructive. It could be your unconscious way of getting even with people who make you keep up with their schedule. Blaming your late arrival to unforeseen incidences like heavy traffic is an easier excuse rather than telling the other person that you are uncomfortable with the time they set. Being used to arriving late could get you into a big trouble especially if it is a job interview or a business meeting. Be clear about what you want and make up your mind. Arriving late is a form of disconnection. Be careful to not give the wrong signals. Adjust your actions and behavior to the situation rather than let those situations control you.

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