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Which One Must Win Best Picture?

Which One Must Win Best Picture?

There are nine films contending for the Best Picture award this coming Oscars 2013. Let’s have a look at the assets this film has in order to bring home the bacon.

• Amour
“Growing old is a war and movies rarely go there. Michael Haneke’s amazing, dignified Amour is the exception”, said New York Daily News writer Joe Neumaier. Haneke’s brutally honest and tragic tale of a love strengthened by time and commitment is severely tested in the face of an insurmountable adversity- death. This deeply moving and greatly shaking masterpiece can make its way through the jury’s souls and is even greatly reinforced by the powerful performance of Emmanuelle Riva as Anne. This foreign language film is up to compete with Hollywood-produced movies, and Austria did come up with a strong contender.

• Argo
“Argo is a love letter from Affleck to the industry that made him, shunned him, and loves nothing more than to be loved”, said Karina Longworth of Village Voice. This suspense thriller that appeared to be an unlikely masterpiece made its way to The Academy through the brilliant cast, sharp screenplay and Ben Affleck’s superb direction.

• Beasts of the Southern Wild
With a fantastical drama that shakes the audience’s consciousness, Beasts of the Southern Wild caught the attention of The Academy with its deep and poignant tale, topnotch direction and screenplay, and Quvenzhane Wallis’ utterly magnificent performance and being the youngest actress to be nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role category.

• Django Unchained
Unorthodox and daring filmmaker Quentin Tarantino comes up with another twisted and sinister tale taken from history and presented in an ass-kicking way last 2012 with his Django Unchained. After the success of Inglourious Basterds which should have won the Best Original Screenplay that time, Tarantino is up for another hardcore film concerning slavery among the Negroes in America. With a Tarantino film, a splendid cast is a necessity and we are lucky to have Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel Jackson to bring Tarantino’s masterpiece to life.

• Les Miserables
Victor Hugo’s classic novel on the French Revolution and one of Broadway’s most successful musicals is reinvented last 2012 with the biggest stars in Hollywood today. Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway sang to us as they brought soul to the brilliance of this wonderfully remade classic.

• Life of Pi
Ang Lee created a masterpiece from a book that was once seen to be as something difficult to turn into a movie. This profound tale with superb visuals isn’t a surprise nominee for this 2013. As the great Stanley Kubrick said, “If it can be written or thought, it could be filmed”.

This Spielberg epic picture relates the tale of an event that changed the course of history not only of America but of the entire world. With stunning performances by the cast especially from Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln himself, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones who all got nominated for acting categories, Lincoln isn’t only an epitome of high class direction and filmmaking but also of refined acting.

• Silver Linings Playbook
This once-in-a-decade romantic drama-comedy showed David O. Russell’s powerful hands in filmmaking. Not only did its screenplay and direction left the audience and the critics in awe with its unique charm, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s huge talent and chemistry also captured our hearts.

• Zero Dark Thirty
This is Katherine Bigelow’s thriller about the U.S. military mission that changed the world- the mission that put an end to the reign of one of the most wanted terrorists in history, Osama bin Laden. From the director who came up with one Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker, all you can expect from Zero Dark Thirty is entertainment and brilliance.


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