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why am i not running?

why am i not running?

Yes, the one that basically getting yourself on the road and run. You don’t really have to be the Olympic record holder for sprints or the fastest female marathoner to consider yourself a runner. Today, different running events are held all over the world with different distances that you can choose from. Instead of asking “why should I run?’’, the question should be “why am I not running?”.

Running is a very effective form of exercise that is proven to reduce weight and even maintain a healthy lifestyle. It improves muscle endurance, good blood circulation, and brings forth an active mind. It is the cheapest sport you can ever get. All you would need is a pair of shoes and a road to run into. It is the easiest to learn, that if you know how to walk, you can run. Just get on the road and see for yourself what running can do for you.

For all beginners, the most difficult step is to start. If you have been on a very sedentary lifestyle, better consult a doctor first if you are fit enough to run. Then get yourself a pair of good running shoes. Good running shoes are those that fit your foot type (pronator, supinator or neutral). Choosing the right shoe will give you comfort in running and avoid injuries.

Now to start, have yourself to walk for around 10 minutes. This will serve as your warm up. Warm up will actually prepare your muscle to your proper workout. Going for the workout, a 30 minutes jog would be enough. Yes, you don’t really have to run fast, a jog will do. Choose a pace that you can actually do the jog continuously for 30 minutes without stopping. Breathe normally. Inhale from your nose and exhale through your mouth. If you can’t do it continuously, you can always walk for a while and no one is going to hurt you for stopping. After that, cool yourself down with simple stretches for your feet, legs, upper body to avoid muscle pain the next day.

How many times you have to run? Once a week is not enough. Your exercise will be useless if not done regularly. You have to run at least 3 times a week but don’t overdo yourself. A maximum of 6 times a week would be enough and a day for recovery will ensure you the benefits of running.

How to keep running? Focus on your goal, wether to reduce weight or to be healthy, remember the benefits that running can give to you. Never think of getting tired because it is very fulfilling to finish a run than quitting and not getting anywhere. Choose a place with beautiful scenery where you can relax even while running.

Provide a running journal. Keep yourself on track of what you do for workouts and what you feel during and after the workout. You’ll be amazed and inspired of what you have achieved so far. You’ll see your improvements like getting less tired, running faster, going further and getting stronger than before. You’ll be surprised that your mind works better as the blood circulates better in your body.

Enjoy the social aspects of running. Run with a friend or join a running club near you. It’s better to run with someone to push you to keep running. You can gain so many friends in running and they can inspire you to keep going. No runner will ever tell you to stop for I believe that they themselves can’t do it.

Reward yourself for your efforts. Allow yourself to relax on your rest day like have a massage, eat your favorite food buy a new pair shoes anything that you want. It will give you something to look forward to on your workouts.

So get ready, set and RUN!

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