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Why Do Girls Love One Direction?

Why Do Girls Love One Direction?

Deafening squeals, oversized posters and photos, and battalions of girls who seem to have lost all their sanity and going oh-so wild- perhaps One Direction is in town. They have gained tons of female (and gay) fans, consistently make it to the worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and their songs are almost always heard on the radio. This boy band seemed to be really loved by their ever-so-faithful fans.

The success and popularity of One Direction proved that there is still a space for tremendous success in
the recording industry for artists whose target audience is the young female population with their sweet
voices, cute little songs and killer looks despite the stardom of Justin Bieber. Of course, what could be
better than one handsome singing dude is definitely five of them. They are also notable for bringing
back to the spotlight the “boy band” thing and also being British guys invading the United States. They
are the performers of the chart-topping and record-breaking hits What Makes You Beautiful and Live
While Were Young which are both featured on the hit American TV series Glee.

One Direction is an English-Irish boy band who became official recording artists when they signed a
contract with Syco Records founded by the former American Idol judge Simon Cowell. He gave the group
a record deal after they finished third place in The X Factor in Britain last 2010. Later on, they signed a
deal with Columbia Records in the United States.

The five most loved boys of the decade are no other than Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall
Horan and Louis Tomlinson. All of them are well-loved and adored, without anyone really standing out
and who appear to be soon having a solo career in the industry. They are all individually identified by
their loyal fans and loved separately for their own image and personality.

Harry is friendly, charming and kind of flirty. He seems to be the most popular in the pack since he
has the most Twitter followers but he does not appear to be some kind of a boss in any way. He is
sometimes weird as he does and tweets awkward and confusing tweets at times. He is really outgoing
and fun-loving which are evident traits especially during their interviews.

Zayn is the kind of mysterious guy. He is often silent and shy. Louis, his fellow member in One Direction,
said that he is vain. One of her former girlfriends also described him as romantic and sweet. He likes to
get really deep and blow your mind.

Liam is the nice guy. He is quiet, reserved and mature. He is called “Daddy Directioner” for being
the serious one in the group and also being the most responsible. He is like the sweetest, nicest One
Direction dude ever.

Niall is the generally jolly guy. He is carefree and is always laughing. He also said in some interviews
that he does not find his overall appearance attractive, but his eyes are. He likes food, too. Well, who

Louis is the joker of the group. He is the oldest among them. He acts crazy at times and he is also really
outgoing. He is the mischievous one, always up to pranks and jokes.

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