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Why Eat Cheese?

Why Eat Cheese?

Whatever you eat, may it be bad or good, will critically affect your health. Every food has their own nutritional asset of which is unique from different classes of the food you eat. Of all the foods from the dairy products class one has outshine all of its co-dairies for it was simply unique from all the dairy products class. If we are going to compare all of the dairies, we may notice that cheese is the only one with the sweet salty taste, unlike others with the sweet or sour taste. It was also distinguishable through the process of which cheese was made and how it was preserved. To date, the history of cheese started and originated to different countries of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. It is one of the oldest traditions in preserving milk in hot summer days in the Northern and Central Europe. Now the cheese making industry has been widely distributed among every country. Some of them innovated and discovered new ways of making cheese aside from the traditional process introduced by European and Asian ancestors.

It is truly wonderful how they have been able to preserve milk with the process of spoiling it a bit, but now we have our cheese, that we enjoy so much. But aside from the fact that it tickles our taste buds it is also beneficial for our body. Cheese is so rich in nutrition that it can be a way to help maintain a healthy body through different ways. First, it promotes bone health. The two most common minerals found in cheese, calcium and phosphorus, works together to rebuild and reinforce the bones giving it the proper strength and durability which prevents osteoporosis and other bone diseases and damages. It enhances the resistance of the bone to pressure and also provides the 20% of the daily dietary calcium intake in just a 1 oz. serving, based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Second, it is helpful in fighting cancer. The substances present in cheese like the Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids are helpful in fighting cancer. Also calcium and vitamin D in several dairy products like cheese has been effective against various types of cancer disease.

Third, it gives you stronger teeth and promotes growth. The calcium, which is very abundant in cheese, makes bones as well as the teeth stronger, making it more resistant from breaking and preventing early tooth decay as well. It also promotes growth as it contains small traces of Zinc.

Fourth, was the ability of cheese to increase chances of weight gain. This may be a positive or a negative fact. To all who does not want to increase their weight must control their intake of cheese and other dairy products for cheese have a lot of natural fats which increases weight gain. As to some it may be a favor, especially to those who have fast metabolism as it may increase their chances of being as thin as paper, like I.

Fifth, it promotes healthy blood circulation. Calcium, which is found in cheese, is needed for easier constriction and relaxation of blood vessels that eases up blood circulation. Also it is needed for more fluid muscle contraction, nerve function, and important hormone secretion. Aside from that calcium is also needed to maintain blood levels balanced.

Now you know the importance of including cheese in your diet! But be cautious, for if anything that was abused may result to bad outcomes. Be sure to be in control while eating cheese as it may turn to harm you later through diseases which is connected to high blood sugar and fats.






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