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Why We All Love Marilyn

Why We All Love Marilyn

“No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they’re pretty, even if they aren’t.”
In her days, she was seen as a sex symbol, a fantasy of men, and a goddess. But if you come to think of it, Marilyn Monroe is a lot more than that. Marilyn, a widely and deeply loved actress, did not only entertain the eyes of men but also served as great inspiration and someone to look up to especially by women up this day. If women have became more confident and stronger, began to love themselves more, and saw their own beauty more clearly, one of the reasons must be Marilyn.
This blonde-haired beauty was born in Los Angeles in 1926. Since her mother was having problems with her mental health and financial capabilities, she lived with her foster parents. She spent some days with her mentally challenged mother, and there were times when she would be sent to live in other people’s homes or orphanages when her mother is not capable of taking care of her. She did not have an easy childhood.
Her first job was being a model. She was actually a brunette but since the magazine company was looking for ladies with light-colored hair, she made her hair blonde. Her success as a model caught the attention of a production company executive and gave her a six-month contract. This executive was also the one who suggested that she go by the name Marilyn Monroe.
But her career as an actress did not begin a great one. When it was not doing good for her anymore and when offers did not come, she returned to modelling. She then appeared at a film and in the same year, she posed without clothes in a popular men’s magazine. The following year became a fruitful one for her as she starred in five films.
Marilyn had an image of a seemingly innocent-as-a-child guise with extremely sexy and hot looks and body. Not only did she gain tremendous fame in the United States but people from around the world also adored her classic beauty.
She also had three marriages but none of them lasted. She was also rumored to be having an affair with the late President John F. Kennedy. Marilyn’s romantic life may have been as colorful and intriguing as her career. After all, who could resist a Marilyn Monroe?
There were also numerous films dedicated to Marilyn. One of the latest was My Week With Marilyn where the role as Marilyn Monroe was given to Michelle Williams where she got a nomination as the Best Actress in a Leading Role from The Academy.
Her last days were of sickness, problems and personal troubles, and even issues regarding her job as an actress. Her death was due to an overdose of drugs and no one ever knew if it was suicide. Suicide is a huge possibility but accidental overdose and homicide were probabilities that have not been crossed out.
She will always be valued as an icon of true beauty, romance, and how glamorous it is to be a woman.

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