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Why We Should Eat Yogurt

Why We Should Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is not simply a snack to grab when watching the television or whenever you feel like eating something. It is something we must have often because it offers way too many health benefits that would help make the most out of our only life. Here are some of yogurt’s sweet offerings to our overall wellness.

Yogurt cut calories. Eating a yogurt is up to eighty percent more effective than skipping a snack. A total of eighteen ounces a day could give you your dream abs and help you fit into those little pants. Eating yogurt would also help you in your weight loss journey. When you eat yogurt, the calcium you acquire signals the fat cells to pump out less cortisol which is a hormone that makes the body acquire more fats in the belly. Meanwhile, its amino acids help you burn fat. Losing weight and slimming down is not too hard if you have a yogurt.

Yogurt also has probiotics which are bacteria that are good for you. They help fight off harmful intestinal microorganisms that may cause infections. They help regulate digestion and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Also, yogurt is way too abundant with vitamins. To enumerate its many nutrients, your yogurt has potassium, phosphorus, iodine, riboflavin, zinc, and vitamin B5. That is quite a lot, huh? Oops, I almost forgot one vitamin. It is Vitamin B12 which maintains red blood cells and keeps the nervous system going on with its tasks properly.

Yogurt is also a good workout buddy. After breaking a lot of sweat, having a serving of yogurt would be great. Its amino acids would help the muscles repair themselves after being exposed to pressure. The carbohydrates, on the other hand, replace the energy lost when you worked out. You may also want to drink water along with your yogurt. Yogurt also improves the intestine’s water absorption thus keeping your body hydrated.

Yogurt could also potentially prevent high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, most people consume too much salt, sometimes even twice the required amount. This leads to many diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, and kidney diseases. The potassium contained in yogurt helps  get rid of the excess sodium in out body.

In addition to the many health benefits of eating yogurt, it also boosts the immune system. Women who eat yogurt frequently have much stronger and more active T cells that fight off infections and diseases. Its good bacteria help the immune system do its job. It is not only apple and banana that keeps the doctor away. Add yogurt to the list.

Yogurt is also friendly to your pearly white teeth. They may have sugar content but they proved to be not harmful for the enamel. Moreover, its lactic acid content gives extra protection to your gums. People who have yogurt would have considerably lesser risk in acquiring periodontal diseases.

If you think we end there, you are so wrong. Yogurt is also a very good protein source. These are the reasons why we should an ounce of yogurst a day.

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