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Why You Need Sleep

Why You Need Sleep

Twenty four hours of every day never seemed enough. There are lots of school works or responsibilities at work. You need to spare some time for sports and exercise. You need to maintain and take care of your relationships and social life. You have a bunch of extracurricular activities. You need time for your hobbies. Because of the many demands of a life lived in the modern society, most of us never get to have at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Getting enough and good quality of sleep is highly important that it is as vital as eating a balanced diet three times a day and drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. It is a way to nourish the brain. Without having enough sleep, your body and most especially your mind would not function properly. Here are some reasons why you need to have enough sleep and how to get the best quality of sleep possible.

More sleep means better performance at work or at school. A long-term lack of sleep would lead to bad performances, memory malfunctions, and poor decisions. Sleep deprivation also increases the chance of acquiring depression.

More sleep also means safer driving. Feeling sleepy could be really dangerous and life-threatening especially when you are driving a car late at night or early in the morning. Not only do you pose threat to your own life but also to the lives of the people you share the road with.

Getting enough sleep also leads to losing weight easily. People who do not get enough sleep have higher risk of being obese. Although you may not get enough sleep during regular days, you could catch up during weekends and non-working holidays. Power naps could also help you catch up on your lost sleep.

More sleep also means a healthier and disease-free body. When you are deprived of sleep, the immune system gets weak and vulnerable. A fragile immune system makes it easier for diseases and infections to attack your body. Less sleep also makes you unnecessarily aggressive and urges you to eat unhealthy foods and succumb to addictive substances like drugs and alcohol.

You are always told that you should get enough sleep. You always hear that you should be sleeping for a minimum of seven hours each night. You are always fed with the information on how sleep is really important for vital bodily processes, mental wellbeing, and overall wellness. But just like a lot of things, it is easier said than done. Here are some tips on how to get to sleep even without feeling sleepy.

The best thing to help you is if you developed a sleeping pattern. You need to train yourself to get to sleep at an expected time. To this, you should find a relaxing activity to do in the hour leading to your sleeping time. Also, you should make this relaxing activity your habit. You may try reading, listening to music, or having a nice warm bath. If you feel hungry before bedtime, have a snack but not a full meal. And for a good night’s sleep, get rid of caffeine starting in the afternoon.

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