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Women’s Health Care

Women’s Health Care

We keep on saying that health is important, that it is the best investment in life, it allows us to enjoy life and all the positive things that we can think of. But, the question is how can we really have it? As of today, many women all over the world tend to care less for themselves and more for others. They are somewhat sacrificial in the sense that they tend to forget womnen’s health care over their loved ones. They are also some who are so busy with work that they can’t seem to have the time to take care of themselves, treating their bodies like machines that never get worn-out. They would defend that women’s health care are expensive and rather than spending their dollars for some health care insurance, they’ll just spend their money for their kids and for the future. Reasonable enough, but now we can not only promote the advantages of health care but also provide ways on how to cheaply do it.

Women usually neglect women’s health care treatments. Some of the death cause by different diseases in women could have been prevented if early detection and treatment has been done. Addiction status has been extremely increasing among women nowadays. As of May 27, 2012 it was reported that 21.5 Million women smoke, 4.5 Million are considered alcoholic or alcohol abusers, 3.5 million women misuse prescription of drugs, 3.1 million are regularly using illicit drugs and 6.9 million women are in need of treatment but not receiving any of it. They are addicts. Most female drug abusers use more than one drug. There are several causes for this; sexual assault, abuses and other traumatic experiences leading them to lose their way and become dependent on what is wrong. This should not be the case. What they need is the same as to what all women would need: women’s Health care. Health doesn’t simply talk about the physical well being of the women. It deals all factors; physical, psychological and emotional. What you have to do? First step is to admit that you need to be treated and we can start and work from there.

Everyone should be aware of the Federal Women’s Health Care Reform Law or the Affordable Care Act. Some would call it as the “Obamacare”. It was signed by the US President Barrack Obama on March 23, 2010 and is said to be fully accomplished by around year 2014. As of today, many changes have taken place generally for everyone.

Expanded Coverage of Young Adults provides the option for adolescents to stay under their parents group health insurance until the age of 26. These aims to promote proper women’s health care for young adults who are just starting on their own to protect them to any preventive ailments they may have.

Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIP) consider individuals with pre-existing conditions to have insurance coverage up to 2014 where pre-existing conditions will be treated differently after which.

Seniors with Medicare coverage gap are now receiving 50% discount on the Medicare part-D prescription as the prescription drug discount was activated on January 1, 2011. The discount was said to last up to 2020 when the gap will be closed.

Electronic system developments are currently worked on to increase the efficiency of the women’s health care industry. Together with this is the value-based purchasing program (VBP) which is designed to encourage hospitals to develop their care levels. Reports regarding their service will be submitted for proper monitoring.

As of August 1, 2012 Human and Health Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have promoted for women to take over their healthcare. Through this, several conditions under the Affordable Care act focused on women. This was also reported on October 10-13, 2012 at the 15th annual NPWH Premier Women Health Care Conference at Orlando, Florida that focused on the state-of-the-art developments on Women’s healthcare.

Well-woman visits allow an annual check-up for adult women to be able to have recommended preventive services. They are allowed with additional visits if the woman and their doctors consider it necessary.

Contraception and Contraceptive counseling provides women with FDA approved contraceptive methods and sterilization without the so called “co-pay’’. While many religious organizations are against the issue, they are also providing seminars and counseling on Natural Family Planning for free.

Gestational Diabetes Screening is for 24-28 weeks pregnant woman. At this stage, women are prone to gestational diabetes that can lead to having type-2 diabetes which may affect their child with the risk of being overweight and insulin resistance during their childhood. Early detection will always lead to prevention or proper treatment. There are also Breast feeding Support, supplies and counseling for pregnant and post partum women to assist them and give them supplies on breast feeding and lactation support.

HPV DNA Testing aims to reduce the prevalence of cervical cancer for women 30 years and above. This will require a free test every 3 years regardless of the Pap Smear result.

Counseling on Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) will be done on an annual basis to aware sexually active women on these infections and reduce risky behavior of women in disregarding these infection. Only 28% of women aged 18-44 have discussed STI with doctor or nurse. There is also HIV Screening and Counseling which aims to reduce the increasing rate of HIV in women. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from the year 1999-2003, there has been a 15% increase in women with AIDs as compared to the 1% in men.

Interpersonal and Domestic Violence Screening and Counseling is for women of all ages who are or have been under violence towards anyone. This will provide help and intervention to increase safety for women. Through this, women are able to protect themselves from any abuse or get over a traumatic experience.

The above are just some of the help you can get. All the help is basically just a click on the internet for you to find what suits for you. The health care institution are wide spread all over the world and with the affordable women’s health care act, you have new, better and cheaper opportunity for securing your health. The best women health care is to do it yourself. These institutions will not know what you need if you never ask or consulted them. That is one thing you have to do on your own. You and only you know what you feel and what you need. So act now. Take charge of women’s health care now before everything is too late or get even worse. So woman, start caring for yourself now.

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