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Women’s Health Insurance a sign of Independence

Women’s Health Insurance a sign of Independence

Women’s Health insurances provide the solution to save for your health. Every individual has the right to proper health care. Together with the technological advancement are different diseases that are brought by several factors mainly brought by technology. We can say that every advantages brought by new inventions or discoveries, though unintended brings with disadvantages. Most disadvantages affect our health. Now, there are different ways to cure or treat or even prevent many diseases. Still, there are new diseases that our body would have to fight against with. However, treatment and preventive measures are not cheap. The ways are often costly which is why only a few could afford and be treated when needed.

Until 18 years ago, women are very deprived for women health insurance. Before, women were even excluded as subject from much medical research and data were not analyzed for sex difference. Only men were considered “generic” humans which disregard the health concerns of women.

Women tend to neglect their health concerns over other things. Diseases acquired by women are often disregarded and would take long time to seek treatment such that detection is made when the disease is already severe. Women do not often follow the prescription of their medicine due to the high cost of medicine. They are not able to acquire preventive care measures such as mammograms, screen testing, and PAP test still due to expensive cost.

Women Health insurances tend to shoulder your health needs. It is an agreement to provide or pay for medical care at a ‘covered’ area as indicated in the insurance policy. There are different health insurance available for men, women, or even for the whole family. Despite such, among women from ages 18-64, 17 million women in US are still uninsured. It is like for every 5 women, 1 is uninsured. Why? For the women’s health insurance itself is still expensive. It started on year 2005 were the premium for individual is 4,024 US dollars and 10,000 US dollars for family insurance. Only those who are well-off could afford to consider paying for health insurance, it’s like saving for their health. However, it is difficult for women particularly those who are divorced. Under the law, when a woman is divorced, the insurance that was bought to cover health of the family is removed on her. She has to provide for her own. This is usually the case after divorce, she have to provide for her kids, find work such that Women’s health insurances comes last in the priority list. Luckily for some which provides health insurance under the company name.

Women’s Health insurances can be private or public. Private can either be ‘fee-for-service or managed care. Fee-for- service type provides money for the health care under the policy that the benefactor need. The managed care provides with the consideration of certain area or hospital. It is subdivided into three; Health Maintenance Organization (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Point of Service (POS). If you are planning of having any of the private women’s health insurance, it would be necessary to research, study and ask questions to ensure the credibility of the company and to fully understand the scope of the insurance policy to be given to you.

The government, as one of its responsibility to take care of its citizens provides the Public women’s health Insurance. This promotes cheaper health care for the public. For ages 65 and older and for those with permanent disablities, the government provides the Medicare. Medicare is subdivided into three parts; part A covers the hospital care needed by the adult, part B is for medical treatment or assessment on the condition of the adult and part C is for the prescription and cost of drugs for their medication. If you want to know more, you can always check the site for medicare: www.medicare.gov/. If it is for your good, never hesitate to ask. Ask them questions, and as public servants, they should be willing to help you.

Medicaid is made for low income individuals and family. It is a state federally funded program. You can check their site at: www.medicaid.gov/. The insurance provide proper and cheaper health care particularly those who are pregnant, children and teenagers, aged, blind or disabled and others. Even those who are leaving their welfare can claim a temporary health insurance. There is also a special insurance called the State Children’s health Insurance program (SCHIP) which is a state and federal program for children under qualifying family.

Aside from the mention health insurances, there are several health care assistance that may help particularly women. You can check for some Free Clinics near your area, Prescription Drug Assistance, Women with Cancer, Women with HIV, Low Cost Health Insurance options and State Temporary Insurance. There are a lot of help now offered by the government to fully reach out those who are incapable and are not financially stable.

Recently, under the Affordable Care Act that was approved by the US President Barrack Obama women’s health were prioritized. This provides insurance for women without copay or any cost. Well-woman visits is held annually for adult women to obtain recommended preventive services. Gestational diabetes screening is for women who are 24-28 weeks pregnant. This is to prevent type 2 diabetes that are prone to pregnant women at this stage. Other test that are now offered for women are HPV DNA testing, Sexually Transmitted Infection Counseling, HIV screening and counseling, Contraception and contraceptive counseling, Breast-feeding Support and counseling, and Interpersonal and Domestic Violence counseling and screening. You can always check the internet or simply visit your nearest health center or hospital on how you can acquire this women’s health insurance benefits.

Now, women have achieved independence and have proven their importance to the society. The different health benefits that are now available for all women proves that. Now, it only depends on you to treasure and value yourself and care for it. Women’s health insurance is a must for her health. It is an investment for us to avoid hindrances in enjoying our life brought merely by sickness that can actually be avoided.

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