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Women in Business

Women in Business

In the advent of the era where not only technology but also idealisms and beliefs began to change, women are no longer seen as housekeepers but also as shapers of the economy inasmuch that we could notice the active participation of women in business be it from small flower shops around the corner up to the world’s biggest and most powerful corporations. Over time, women have proved to accomplish way beyond cooking, sewing, nursing babies, and taking care of their working husbands. Women, equally as intelligent and innovative as men, have contributed a lot in the industry and economy by showing off their brilliance through marketing and entrepreneurship. This article would revolve mainly on the top women in business as well as the best business ideas for a regular woman.

The first on our list of the best women in business would be no other than the president and CEO of one of the top computer-related companies the world has ever known which is IBM. Ginni Rometty managed the 3.5 billion dollar worth of PwC Consulting acquisition which launched her prestigious company into the services business.

Not far next is Indra Nooyi who is no other than the chairman and CEO of one of the most famous soda drinks all over the world, Pepsi. Profits and revenue for Pepsi have increased considerably last 2011 but her push into “good for you” products have scared off investors thinking that those would come at the expense of the company’s core offerings. Nonetheless, the board backed her up and she overhauled the management and increased advertising funds.

You may be surprised but the president and CEO of the world-famous Hewlett-Packard of HP as we know it is a woman. Yes, Meg Whitman carries on her shoulders the responsibility of boosting the sales of HP since its nineteen-percent fall in profits last 2011. With 127 billion dollars of HP’s annual sales, we know that Whitman surely could maneuver HP’s way up to the top once again.

Kraft Foods is also spearheaded by a woman. Irene Rosenfeld is the chairman and CEO of the company that brings us Oreo, Ritz, and Tang. Thanks a lot, Ms. Rosenfeld!

Ellen Kullman is the chair of the board and CEO of DuPont which is a chemical company more than two centuries old. She is in the process of restructuring her company she obtained last 2009 and business analysts expects her to push her company further into agriculture and nutrition.

Despite the drought in the United States causing corn supplies to lessen considerably, Archer Daniels Midland CEO and chairman Patricia Woertz has worked hard to widen her company’s global sales. ADM currently operates in one hundred and sixty countries all around the world and aims to add an export terminal in Brazil to increase grain imports.

Another best among the women in business would be Ursula Burns who is the chairman and CEO of the world-famous Xerox. Her company’s name has even been coined as a synonym to photocopy. She continues to expand the superpower in terms of copying machines as her company just acquired six outsourcing companies and expands Xerox’s presence in Europe.

Before heading on to best entrepreneurial ideas for women in business, allow us to present the youngest promising businesswoman in the business world today. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer was already serving Google for thirteen years when she jumped into Yahoo’s top position. The website, despite the predicaments it currently faces, boasts five billion dollars of revenue, eighteen billion dollars in the market cap, and a total of seven hundred million users. Mayer has so much to prove.

Heading into the topic that would practically benefit the average twenty first century woman, we present some of the best entrepreneurial ideas for the aspiring women in business. Men are usually rational, intelligent and goal-oriented when it comes to business. The main difference between men and women in business, generally speaking, is that women tend to add their hearts into it. Here are some of the best business ideas for women.

One smart idea would be starting an online shop. If you are passionate about a certain set of products like workout accessories, jewelries, or fashion, you are likely to be successful on this field. You would have a very large market if you sell online, much more if you are willing to ship internationally. Moreover, you could also use your creativity by making your products custom-made.

Another great choice would be to start up a graphic design company. It could be about fashion or designing web pages. Here, you must look for your target audience and focus there. With the advent of modern technology, why not make the most of it by creating fresh and outstanding designs that would suit the modern society?

Blogging would also be a smart choice. The number of blogs all over the worldwide web has grown a lot in the past years. The most common way of earning money through your blog would be advertising. Once you have decided what blog type you would have or what content your blog would offer, you should start filling it up with posts. As more people view your blogs, you are likely to attract advertisers and have them pay you for posting their advertisements on your blog. It lets you do something you love while you earn. If you love to travel, make reviews of places you have been to, the key spots, and what they offer. If you love reading or watching films, make reviews of the books you have read and the films you have seen. If you are a fashionista, post your insights on the latest trends and you could even be your blog’s own model as you post your latest fashionable getups. The key to a successful blogging business would be your compelling content.

You could also venture into the consulting business. If you are an expert in specific field like finance, marketing, or even meditation, this must be among your options. It is a good idea to sell your expertise as a consultant. Consulting is even one of the hottest trends in the market today. More and more people begin to appreciate the independence and flexibility this kind of business has to offer. Fear not because you do not need to be the absolute bets in your field to be a consultant though being among the top would surely be a great help. What truly matters is that you could sell yourself well, and is updated in your understanding of your field. Insight, common sense and thorough study would be your best assets in this business.

The elderly care business would be a good choice as well. Many elderly prefer to stay at home instead of being stuck at a nursing home. You could be among the nonmedical caretakers of the elderly as you help them in their daily tasks at their homes. Another reason why the elderly and their families prefer this over the traditional nursing homes is that having someone to nurse the elderly is more personal and cheaper than putting them in nursing homes.

Also, those who are potential women in business may opt to be virtual assistants. It is one of the hottest home businesses today. It is the innovation of the traditional secretariat and office assistant positions. As a virtual assistant, you would perform the typical administrative tasks like work processing, event planning, and researching. The major difference is that you would be doing everything online. Your client could be hundreds or thousands of miles away, and you may never get to meet him or her in person. Plus, you do not even to leave home.

Another intelligent business idea would be starting up a day care. As both parents start having jobs in the modern days, there is a demand for someone to look after their children and somewhere to leave them when they are not at home. Before starting up this business, get acquainted with the legalities you need to meet in terms of starting up this kind of business. Also check the requirements of securing a safe and happy environment for the children. Also talk to your neighbors about the business you are having so that you could compromise for the potential noise resulting from children playing by your backyard.

There are lots of possibilities in this world not only for men but also for women. One of the best places you would love to see a woman is among the long list of the great women in business.

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