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Women’s Health at 40 and Beyond

Women’s Health at 40 and Beyond

As the saying goes, the only permanent thing in this world is change. We go through a lot of transitions and changes in life. And one major transition we ought to take into major consideration would be at our midlife or when we turn forty especially in terms of women’s health care. Many things would be altered- your work, your children, your relationships, and even your bodily processes and physiological development as well as the psychological and physical. In this article, we would focus on the three major health concerns you must be very well aware of as you enter your midlife.

First, mind your bones. Maybe you have not really put it into consideration before but you must consider taking good care of it now since it would start becoming weaker and more brittle than it was ever before. Once you experience menopause, the production of estrogens would considerably decrease thus not being able to maintain your bones as well as they could before. You would be at higher risk of osteoporosis so you should be visiting you health care provider and talk about preparing you for it. Bone density screening tests are still not warranted until reaching sixty five, but you should start prepping up for early warning signs of skeletal problems. Disregarding your risk factors, there are two effective ways to keep your bones in shape. First, maintain a high supply of calcium. Make sure that you get at least one thousand two hundred milligrams a day. If you would not be able to acquire the required amount mainly through diet, start taking supplements. The other way would be engaging yourself in weight-bearing your exercises or having your bones be used to carrying weight even if it is your own weight like running, jogging, gardening, weight-lifting or taking long walks.

Another major concern would be taking care of your heart. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest risk you would be acquiring after menopause is actually heart disease and not breast cancer. Now that you already know, you should start minding your cholesterol intake, weight, physical activities and diets. Estrogens still play a major role in this concern. Before, high estrogen levels protect your heart but as they begin to decline after menopause, your heart becomes more vulnerable to diseases. Go for hearty meals like fruits, veggies, fiber, and low-fat proteins from soy beans and fishes. Also, have at least thirty minutes of physical activity daily. Go for a run or a long walk. Also, stop smoking. Smokers are about two to six times more likely to develop a heart disease.

Last but not the least, be very concerned about your blood sugar level. Once your blood levels start to soar, you have higher risk of acquiring heart and kidney diseases, dementia, nerve damage and suffer a untimely death. You do not have to be officially diagnosed with diabetes to experience the predicaments of caring less about your blood sugar. How to deal with it? Have a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight. Also have your blood sugar tested regularly.

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