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Women’s Health Issues: a growing concern of the Government

Women’s Health Issues: a growing concern of the Government

It was just recently when women’s health issues were taken in to consideration by the society. During ancient times, health studies are focused on male species that eventually generalized health condition as the same for both sexes which is actually wrong. This mistake had brought about great suffering and death among women on ancient time. Different diseases were acquired which could have been prevented if and only if were taken into consideration by health researchers. Women’s worth was at a very low level in which many women would have to strive and even die for their independence and worth in the society. Now, while some parts of the world have given women the freedom and independence, there are still some in which women are still under abuse and are maltreated particularly in terms of overall health; physical, mental, and emotional.

After all the research and assessments on the women’s health issues, the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 was established in favor for providing health care services especially for women. The act eliminates patient cost-sharing for a variety of women’s preventive health service including breast and cervical cancer screening, prenatal care and contraceptives methods and counseling. This in return, enables those who are not so well-off to afford prioritizing their health without worrying of the cost for analyses or any needed treatments. As the government continues to study the real needs of women, many questions and clarification were made such as how might a disorder present differently in women than in men?, why women are at risk of certain disorder for certain condition?, what pathophysiological aspects of disorders are unique in women?, what type of interventions are appropriate?, and other questions.

How come that these women’s health issues were neglected during the past? The gender-bias thinking of the society has been the primary cause. In certain places like India, women particularly in rural areas have low access to health care services. Despite the efforts of the government to provide and improve health care services for women, the society itself are the ones inhibiting it. Female Infanticide is very chronic in these areas in which the technologies that use to determine the condition of babies while inside the womb were used as a tool to determine the gender on the fetus. Once the baby was determined to be a female, abortion follows.

We, women are an important part of the society. According to studies, despite the discrimination, women are still able to excel in work and are able to contribute to the economy. Helping women will provide more benefits to the economy of the world. To be able to empower yourself as a woman, the key is to learn and know what is rightfully yours. Knowing is very simple and is just one click away in the internet. Women’s health issues are assessed and are made known to all women out there to continue to value and empower them.

SUMMARY: Women’s Health Issues are now one of the concerns of the government as they are able to know women’s great contribution to the economy and to the world.

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