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Women’s health magazine submission Guidelines, are there any?

Women’s health magazine submission Guidelines, are there any?

Women’s Health Magazine is one of the best selling health magazines for women all over the world. It is produced at their main office in New York built with different articles more often created by freelance writers. If you look unto the articles of the magazine, you’ll find many writers around 180 or more but only 10% appears on their staff bow or their contributors’ page perhaps depending on who contributed in each issue.  The Women’s health magazine has captured the attention of more than 10 Million women all over the world with different issues released in accordance to the country such as South Africa, Australia, Europe and other places but its biggest circulation is in the United States. The Magazine is created in such a way to make readers simply feel like having an advice from friend in which women aging 18-45 years are the ones who can really relate to their articles and have become their most loyal readers. These women are basically looking for answers on love, health and fitness in which the Women’s Health magazines are able to provide and give even more. The Women’s Health Magazine has been striving to teach a woman on how to achieve balance in all different aspects of her life based on different challenges a woman may have to go through with emphasis on keeping health and wellness. As for so many years, the , the magazine has been and is continuing to be a success as readers increases worldwide and even internet followers in their website.

The credibility of the Women’s Health Magazine has been outstanding for years. The magazine would be useless without its contents. The articles are what made the magazine standout today. If you may think you have something to contribute, there is a section in which you can send your comments, question or other inquiries but if you’re hoping to be one of the contributors, I say it’ll be tough. Unfortunately, there are no official guidelines for submitting articles to Women’s Health Magazine.  This fact simply show how exclusive the magazine really is and I cannot complain on how the people working the magazine. They are just keeping their standard and credibility and acquire only professionals, experts in creating their articles. The information they provide are not simply mere say but are facts and proven by thorough research and study. The magazine is promoting primarily women’s health and wellness and to do so, the contributors should be knowledgeable enough on what they are to say. You can perhaps suggest a topic for the next issue, but I tell you not to really count on it for such big magazine company are too busy, you may see your topic in time but it might take long. Women’s Health Magazine produces monthly edition in which topics are already set before you even know it. So I suggest the best thing to do is to wait.

The Women’s Health Magazine would normally contain a letter from the editor and advisors which normally tell about women’s health, answer questions about women, scoop, the average woman and what men think. Normal columns includes; Style and Beauty  Lab (about Fashion and Body care advise), Get fit Tricks (basically about how to be fit), Healthy Doses (about your health concerns as addressed by gynecologists, about food , and environment in relation to your health), Slim Down Strategies (focused on your food choices to loosen body fat), Eat Smart (all about cooking healthy foods for a healthy diet), Sex and Love (deals with common relationship problems , sex and how to deal with it), Life Skills (provide advises and testimonies to help you achieve balance and career goals in life), and the questions asked by readers and answered by their expert contributors. They also have their website which contains some of their articles for their latest magazine. It particularly contains videos for women to be able to execute workouts properly. The website also contains promos and sweepstakes in which supporters can get a chance to win special prizes from their sponsors. What more can you ask for? They have it all specially for you.

The Women’s Health magazines may not have submission guidelines but their standards can be clearly seen in the magazine itself; from cover up to its contents. The cover contains their featured celebrity with large, bold face in magnitude of colors. You can really count on the cover celebrity to be a woman of fitness and wellness. With the picture, they showcase their best stories as they appear in the cover. The titles should be catchy and humorous enough to capture the interest of readers. This standard was able to successfully attract people to buy and read their magazines. The content? It is amazing and has brought women satisfying results by simply following the guidelines given on the articles. The articles are easy to follow and understand. They continue to introduce new topics that often women are afraid to ask even themselves. The section for the readers to be able to bring up comments and questions enables the writes to address women’s concern even more, just take note of issue deadlines and editorial calendar to be able to have your topic addressed on time.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are many things that can be talked about by women, the Women’s Health Magazine Submission Guidelines seem exclusive within their office unlike the Men’s health  Magazine  in which you can submit stories at mhletters@rodale.com. Just include a short description of yourself and other publication in which your articles had appeared and to which section your article would fit in their magazine and your article will considered and will wait for approval. However, not all articles can be easily accepted. If you really want to write on a women’s magazine, you can still try other magazines such as Women’s Running Magazine, Chatelaine magazine, BITCH magazine, Ladies Home Journal, MS. Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Curvy Magazine, She Knows, Essence Magazine, MORE magazine and others. You can check the internet for the guidelines for these magazines. It may be difficult especially for starters in which rejection is always possible but once you made it into the industry, it can really be a fortune and a fun thing to do. Writing can develop your knowledge and writing skills as you continue to explore other topics and issues that you can write about. Just be sure to handle all matters on whatever you are writing, it should be credible, because as a writer, you have the power to influence other people’s lives and way of thinking.

As early as 2004, health and wellness industry was already a billion dollar business in which health, fitness and wellness magazines acquired great benefits. According to the National Directory of Magazine (published by Oxbridge Communication), there are around 508 Health and Fitness Magazines circulating all over the United States. So if you really are in to writing articles, you can really try other magazine aside Women’s Health and perhaps if your credentials be suitable and lucky enough, you may get your chance to the Women’s Health Magazine. It may be difficult especially for beginners so here are some topics that are really on hit for women. Sports such as rugby, track and field, mixed martial arts, golf and other sports are really hot on women. As women start in to fitness, they would look for sports that’ll suit their lifestyle. Marathons and triathlon events are so IN nowadays. Nutrition are now a primary interest especially of the baby boomers who seek for knowledge on longetivity, modern nutrition, American diet, and are in search for supplements particularly those with  anitoxidants. Health. Just focusing on diseases, treatment, prognostics, various breakthroughs are great topics for women. Sex may be a taboo for some but not for many. These are topics not often asked by women but are curious about it. Talking about Sexually transmitted diseases, pro’s and con’s, premarital sex, dating tips are just some good topics. Step-by-step workout routines and Weight loss are trending topics for all as fitness and health awareness increases. Beauty, apparels and accessories are always hot for women and including some product reviews will be of great help for them in choosing the right product for them.

Women may encounter similar problems or difficulties that are only happening in different ways or circumstances. As such, women are really a big topic to explore. It’s like you’ll never run out of topic to talk about. If you haven’t figured out what to write, just focus on yourself, what you may be undergoing right now, may be the similar with others and your article may be the solution or simply an inspiration that can help them overcome.    



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