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Women’s Health Care Problems at 40 and beyond

Women’s Health Care Problems at 40 and beyond

The best stage in women would now be at the age 40. It is now considered the 30’s of yesterday. At this age, women have reached maturity, financial stability and good career. Even mothers, would now have their children grown at this age in which they can do things on their own with less supervision. This is the perfect time which they can enjoy their time and fruit of their labor. However, this is also the start of maturity of the body. Creating a good foundation for your health should start while you’re young and right now, the only thing we can do at this stage is to maintain the health we have and to monitor our health to avoid any serious illness that our body may not be able to handle. To be able to enjoy life at 40 and beyond, you have to consider some facts and reminders that will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest. And might as well let you know women’s health care problems at the age of 40 to prepare you as you reach this age.

Most women’s health care problems at age 40 is the losing their sexual drive which is actually not the case. Sexual drive fluctuates throughout our lives and is affected by quality of relationship, emotional and physical health and others. At some point you may experience vaginal dryness, irritation or pain due to menopausal effects in the body but that can easily be alleviated with vaginal moisturizers and lubricants. Unintended pregnancy is more of a problem than losing sex drive at this stage for women. Unintended pregnancy is next to the highest of occurrence at this stage to teenagers. Irregular period occurs as women reach menopausal stage or perimenopausal stage (last 5 years before reaching menopausal stage). Women are suggested to continue using birth controls not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy but also to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Some doctors would recommend hysterectomy (surgery for removal of uterus). 1/3 of all American women undergo this surgery by age 60, though it was able to restore health to some women, many of these women do not really need the operation and had been a cause of unnecessary risks. Now, there are less massive treatments in replace for the operation so better make sure that you really need the surgery before having one.

Do not think that you’re bones are too thin and weak that any fall may lead you to a broken hip or bone. Though bone density is one of the major factors for bone strength, there are also different factors to consider such as age, medication and individual and family history. What you can do is get enough calcium, vitamin D and exercise. Taking calcium supplements is necessary to ensure you acquire the recommended dietary intake for Calcium. Vitamin D is necessary to allow your bones to absorb calcium which can be acquired through right amount of sunlight. You may no longer increase your bone density but you can maintain it and prevent further loss. If still in doubt, you can always go to a women’s health care provider to give you a bone density screening or DEXA scan to monitor any signs of osteoporosis. At this case, you might as well check your vision and clean your surroundings of any fall hazards to avoid any fall that might cause bone fractures.

If you think that having no family history of breast cancer, you may think again because according to study, 70% of women with breast cancer have no family history or genetic risks. You can have a monthly self breast examination but also include a yearly breast screening or mammograms from a women health provider. This is to monitor any possible cause of breast cancer which is very prone to women at this stage. Monitoring any disorders of your breast is necessary to prevent serious illness and eventually save you and your money from expensive medications.

Another women’s health care problem at age 40 is being prone to heart diseases. Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death of women in US. Blood pressure and cholesterol test results should e monitored and reported during your annual physical health examination especially if you have family history with such problems. Most of us may think that gaining weight and losing strength is inevitable at this age in which women would opt to take Cholesterol lowering drugs to reduce risk of heart disease. However, there is no gold standard to show that this can really avoid you having heart problems. Other options such as exercise, proper diet particularly Mediterranean style and not smoking are better suggested by doctors to reduce risk of heart problems. Exercise is also essential not only for heart disease prevention but also for women at perimenopausal stage.  Do any physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs instead of elevator, have dance classes and other exercises.

Keeping in track of your health as you age is very essential to keep yourself of any worries and enables you to do things that you want. Proper diet and nutrition, exercise, rest and avoiding bad habits such as smoking and too much alcohol should come with preventive women health care service to keep you in check of your health. You as well as your whole family should consider health as a priority. Physical examination, Breast examination and mammograms, Blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, colon cancer screening, dental examination, eye examination, and Immunizations for flu, tetanus-diptheria and Acellular Pertussis (TdAP) and shingles or herpes zoster are some of the preventive health care services for you and your family. You can always check with your health care provider who among your family would need the screening and when. Never skip your check ups. This can be very costly when paid independently. Health care insurances provide you assistance to pay for the treatments. Most women acquire insurances from their family group insurance form his husband or acquired from the company. If you don’t have any, the government now offers cheaper women’s health care service and insurances from the affordable health care act established by the US President Obama. You can always check the internet or your nearest health care center to provide you with details on how you can avail the benefits for your health care.

It is normal for the body to grow and mature, but to think that you’re becoming less capable to do the things that you want is wrong. Often times, limitations are simply brought by the mind. As long as you keep your body healthy, you can overcome any challenges that may come your way. Strength can be maintained and even increase at any age. You may experience hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety and irritability, mood changes, memory lapses and diminished concentration due to hormonal imbalances as you reach menopausal stage but know that these problems can be avoided with proper nutrition, enough exercise and sufficient rest. Smoking has been known as the leading cause of preventable deaths in US and can affect your body inside and out, so avoiding or quitting it would be necessary to keep your health good. Eventually, share this with your whole family and loved ones. It’s good to have someone to do things with and it can also help them be healthy and live better. With that, you may not even have to spend money for any medications or treatment of different well known serious illness and be able to live your life to its fullest.


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