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Women’s Health Questions

Women’s Health Questions

Women just have so many health concerns. There are these things that may happen to them on their own that they cannot explain and afraid to ask someone about it. Some may want to consult their doctors about it but by the time they are faced with their health care provider, they’ve forgotten what they want to ask leaving everything unknown. They’ll just start remembering it by the time they’ve left the clinic or the hospital and would have to wait for their next physical health examination that would normally take another year. Here are just some of the questions I’ve gathered in which might be helpful to you.

  • What are genetic tests? Can it really explain why I am overweight or moody?

–          Genetic test determines if you getting fat were based on your genes. It can trace your eating habits and the type of food you eat. Though it may not explain the 100% of the whole story about you getting fat, it can mention the main reason for your actions. From there, you can now start working on how to reduce weight or prevent further gaining weight.

  • What is adrenal fatigue? How does it affect my sleeping and resting time?

–          Test thru acquiring blood or saliva and determining the level of cortisol and DHEA which are the main stress hormones. When you have that adrenal fatigue, you start your body to feel so tired but your mind is still very active making you incapable of having sufficient rest and unable you to sleep well.

  •  I got these PMS and is getting worse how can I work on it naturally?

–          PMS stands for Pre Menstrual Syndrome. It makes women moody, feel pain or weakness. At this case, you can opt to take vitamin B6, Chasteberry and St. John’s wort as suggested by your doctor.

  • Are calcium supplements really bad for the heart? How can I prevent myself from osteoporosis?

–          Too much of the supplements would be bad for the heart according to research and studies. Doctors strongly suggest acquisition of calcium from major food source such as milk, soymilk, almonds, curd and others. You should also check your vitamin D level which plays an important role in calcium absorption in our body.

  • What can I do about hormonal fluctuations?

–          Paleo diet is suggested but doesn’t seem to work for all especially if it is genetic. If you can’t afford genetic test, you can start with Paleo diet which is also known as caveman diet. This diet focuses on eating organic and fresh fruits and vegetables, fish or those meat that only fed with organic grass or other organic feeds.

  • Is HRT essential for me to take or not?

–          It would basically depend on the findings of the tests done to you. It is normally done to women reaching menopausal stage in which hormone production decreases and would need HRT to supply hormones women lack. If the doctor says so, you should but you can still opt for natural ways of elevating your hormones by eating healthy, exercising regularly and having proper rest.

  • I’m getting so busy such that I need something to lift my sex drive, what should I do?

–          For some it is only psychological because study showed that stress can be used to work for your libido (sex drive). Your adrenaline at this level can be use to trigger your sex drive. With just the right touch, hugs, kisses and endearment, you can find how stress could be good for you and your partner. Still you can take some stress relieving tips given to you by your doctor or some medicine to lift your sex drive.

There are just so many questions. To help you out, I suggest you note down the questions you have in mind and would serve as your health journal. By the time you visit your doctor you can start reviewing your questions and ask it to your doctor. This health journal will be very efficient and can help you trace what went wrong when you got sick. It is very efficient and you’ve got nothing to lose. All you need is a pen and a notebook.

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