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Women’s Health Update

Women’s Health Update

Is women’s health really worth the talk? You may be experiencing a very satisfying life right now, but if you take a look back in history, you may be surprised to see that everything was very different from all aspect of life right now. Unfortunately, women’s independence is still an issue even today on some parts of the world. Women are very sacrificial. They prefer to sacrifice one’s own needs for the sake of their loved ones. As you can see, women really have been striving to achieve independence. While there are women who are strong enough to fight for it, there are also some who are still afraid to fight out of fear losing their children or anything that they treasure. The first step to achieve independence is to ask or demand for it, and from there other things will follow.

The US government under the leadership of President Obama has given women a priority by providing cheap health services for all women, particularly those who are uninsured due to poverty. The affordable health care act has provided women preventive health services to prioritize women’s health. It provides screening, tests, and diagnosis that can help you assess your health status and prevent you from serious illness. You can simply search on the internet or ask your nearest health care center and they will guide and inform you of all the privileges the government is giving you. So, there is actually no excuse for women to care for their health. The preventive health services provide diagnosis from professional women’s health care provider that can give you proper health care treatment.

Despite the development on women’s health, there are still some parts in the world in which due to gender inequities are still in the darkness and are suffering from poor health care service. People in India, particularly in Tamil are suffering majorly on gender bias. They suffer abuse, lack of health access, education, slavery from men. Despite the efforts of the government, their culture and mentality of men makes women suffer even to this day. Right now, the government is still working on this matter and is planning to provide counseling to enlighten men on women’s worth in the society with the help of private organizations who are very willing to help the government in this issue.

Women’s health is a priority in which women themselves are the one to initiate.  Value your health. Keeping yourself healthy will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can fully take care and treasure your loved ones if you are strong and healthy enough to guide and care for them. Balancing proper nutrition, physical activity and rest will lead you to a life of wellness. Availing preventive health services especially for aging women will allow you to enjoy the life of wellness you’ve been striving for. Better yet, share your life of wellness to your family, friends and loved ones by letting them know the importance of health and fitness and teach them how to do it. Our website could provide you some information that you may need and may serve as your guide every step of the way towards a life of wellness and awareness, a life that YOU deserve. Check it out and be amazed on different things you could now about yourself things that could help you as a woman of the globe. www.womanglobe.com

Summary: The fight for women’s health is now showing it’s fruit as the government provides privileges exclusively for women. As a woman, be aware your rights and use it to show women’s worth to the world.

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