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Women’s Medicare

Women’s Medicare

Women’s Medicare is far different from that of men. In general, Medicare is a federal health insurance program that funds health care services for elderly or disabled individuals. Here are the basic descriptions on who can get a Medicare; (1) 65 years old individuals or older, (2) if less than 65 but have serious disabilities or illness, and (3) people at any age with kidney failure that would require dialysis or kidney transplant.  It has assisted around 47 million people in paying hospital care, physician visits, diagnostic testing, preventive services and prescribed medicines. Among the people with Medicare, more than 50 % are women. Medicare provides more health care benefits than for men. It goes to the fact that women have more health concerns than men.

Women tend to live longer than men. Unfortunately, older women are poorer as compared to men. Their social security benefits as they retire are lower than men. As of 2010, women would receive $12,000 per year while men will receive a much higher pension with $16,000 per year. Yet, women have more health concerns that they have to address as they grow older. Availing women Medicare insurance would cost each woman around $4,490 per year. It may seem a fortune but it is still cheaper as compared to those private or employer sponsored health care insurance which could cost around 10% of their income.

The Medicare Insurance is divided into four different parts depending on the benefits you could get. Part A is for hospital insurance, Part B is for medical services that the part A doesn’t cover, Part C is called the Medicare Advantage plan for those who are covered with part A and B could receive health care through a provider organization such as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and Part D is about the prescription of drug coverage by the Medicare. For clearer description, you can always visit their website at www.medicare.gov.

All insurance has its policies and limitations. The women’s Medicare could address all health concerns of women. You should read the policy of any insurance you are trying to avail to ensure what are the things that can be covered by the insurance and what are NOT under the policy. For women’s Medicare, it covers preventive Services such as Pap test, Pelvic exam, and Clinical breast exam for every 24 months or 12 months if you have abnormal Pap test result in the past 36 months or may be at high risk of cervical or vaginal cancer. Be noted that the Medicare will assist you to the payment of the test but will not pay it all. Normally, around 20% of Medicare approved amount will be covered by the person who owns the insurance. Medicare allows women at age 40 or more to have mammograms every 12 months to monitor possible cause of breast cancer. Colorectal cancer screening can be availed by women at age 50 or older. Bone Mass measurements can be availed for women with low estrogen level or people with broken bone in the past. Glaucoma Screening is for those at high risk to glaucoma such as those with diabetes or having family health history with glaucoma. Shots or vaccines are offered to all ages which include flu vaccine, pneumococcal pneumonia and Hepatitis B vaccines. This has helped many women possible serious illness through early detection and preventive measures. Some are actually free and if have some amount to shoulder, it is still cheaper and would make you save more.

If you haven’t got any women’s health care, better start having now. So far, Women’s Medicare is the cheapest health insurance unlike other private health insurance. President Obama has prioritized women’s health by developing the health care act in favor of women’s health care needs. Normally, some are automatically enrolled as covered to the social security for employees. However, if you are not yet registered, you can enroll under the Medicare enrollment periods. Initial enrollment lasts for 7 months it would start 3 months before the month for your 65th birthday and lasts 3 months after your birth month that same year. It would normally require 3 months for you to be able to access the coverage, so it is better to enroll on the first month to start availing the coverage at exactly age 65. If you are not able to register at the initial registration period, you can still register on January 1 to March 31. Coverage will be activated by July on that same year. However, late enrollment will require enrollment penalty in which you may have a higher monthly fee. In case you have a better health insurance plan and did not make it to the initial registration, you are exempted to the enrollment penalty. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan enrollment occurs between October 15 to December 7 and will take effect by January 1 the following year. You can also avail the 5-star Medicare description Drug Plan any time it is a private plan rated by Medicare. After the 7th month period that you became eligible, you can enroll to women Medicare Advantage Plan or switch or drop the part C plan on October 15 to December 7. Be sure you register on time to avoid penalties. If you have any other inquiries, you can check the website I’ve stated earlier or you can call their hotline at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).They will surely help you out on your inquiries or assist you in your enrollment.

Women love selflessly, to the point that they would prioritize other people needs before their own. Women are very sensitive in all aspects as to men. They are more vulnerable to pain and sickness. As such, they should be more careful of themselves. Women have been striving to receive equal treatment for so long that even until now difference can still be seen clearly. Little by little, we can see improvements and opportunity for women as we ourselves continue to fight for it. In this case, we should not disregard the benefits that are now available to us. We should start prioritizing ourselves. If you don’t, you may even end up being a burden to your love ones rather than being a help. If you continue to disregard your health, you might as well end up spending more than what a Medicare insurance plan could cost. Keep yourself healthy, for you and for your love ones. Enjoy life by living longer, healthier and strong. Have your Women’s Medicare now.

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