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Working Out At Night

Working Out At Night

If you do not have much time to work up early in the morning, you could do it every evening. As long as you are moving and working out your body, you are reaping the benefits. However, working out during the night is not so much like working out during the day. With regard to your safety and security, there are a few things you would need to take into deep consideration.

First tip: be reflective. If you want to be, and you actually must be, visible during the dark hours, wear something with fluorescent colors. They reemit light at longer wavelengths so they are brighter thus more visible than the brain suspects them to be. And because the human brain tends to identify human movement, wear reflective and brightly colored gears on body parts that usually move like the head, the wrists, the ankles, and the elbows. Also, do not forget to gear up your sides. When you cross the street, chances are only your sides are the viewable part of you, so do not leave those out. Put something reflective in front, at the back, and on the sides. This will a driver notice you though he is still far away. Gets rid of undesirable road accidents, right?

It is also really advisable that if you take a jog in the dark, bring along a buddy. Not only is it more fun. It is also safer. The more, the merrier. Being in a group makes you more visible for vehicle drivers and it also discourages snatchers or attackers. If you cannot find a friend to go with you, you could go searching for a night-time running group. But if you do it alone, stay close to home, follow familiar routes, and avoid poorly lit and unpopulated areas.

And if you loved the blasting music through your earphones, you may want to consider leaving them at home. Yes, music provides entertainment and boosts efficiency, but it could also distract you. You may expect drivers to be really careful and always be on the watch. But you should do the same. If you cannot help listening to music, just put on one ear bud and keep the volume low.

When going out for the night, it is also a must that you bring with you things that you may need. Of course, you should bring a fully charged cellphone. It is your primary tool in case of emergencies. Also, bring with you an identification card and an emergency contact number. Label it with “in case of emergency”. That way, if ever you got run over by a car or meet an accident, people would know who to contact.

Also, be extra careful. Most road accidents happen at night. If you are riding a bike, stay on sidewalks and streets with bike lanes and wide shoulders. If you are running, stay on the sidewalks. Be careful when crossing intersections and pay attention to cars.

Yes, if it is meant to happen, it will happen. But it always better to be safe than sorry.

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