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It is never enough to have a high-paying job, extremely attractive and stunning appearance, and the

trendiest fashion. We all need to remain fit and healthy. If you are wondering if there is an existing form
of exercise that requires no equipment, and is easy to learn, effective in harmonizing and improving the
body, and calms the spirit, then lucky for you. Yoga is in town.

It may have become really popular in the past decade, but it already exists for like 3000 years now. Its
origins trace back to ancient India. In general, it is a highly disciplined method to reach a goal. Yoga is a
Sanskrit term which means “to add, join, unite or attach”. What does it joins together? The mind, the
body and the soul. It may appear that yoga is basically physical exercise but it is not. Exercise is just one
aspect of yoga, for yoga aims to train the mind, breath and spirit as well.

The physical exercise of yoga is called hatha yoga. It focuses on poses. The one practicing yoga does a
series of different poses while trying to control her breathing. Other kinds of yoga include chants and

On the other hand, vinsaya yoga involves intense body-mind activities. It is one of the very athletic
forms of yoga. It focuses on improving strength, flexibility and stamina.

Many establishments, gyms, and centers offer yoga classes. You may even find one in your
neighbourhood. Private and semi-private classes are also available if you prefer to be taught well by the
instructor. Just make sure that the instructor is a registered member of the Yoga Alliance as it requires
long time of training and teaching. Also, before signing up, try to observe sessions and try to decide if
you really are interested in doing yoga.

Aside from going to actual classes, books, DVDs and videos on TV or the Internet that show yoga
instructions are also available. Of course they can never compete with teachers but they can give you an
insight on yoga and you can use them to practice when not in your yoga class.

Before signing up for your ultimate yoga experience, make sure to have the opinion of your doctor first
most especially if you are enduring a health problem. Also, inform your instructor of your current state.
He or she must provide you with customized poses to fit your bodily needs.

What is really nice about yoga is that it does not require any special shoes or clothing. Just wear
comfortable clothes and stretchable pants or shorts and you are set. It is done barefoot so there is no
need to worry about the footwear.

Yoga requires complete discipline and patience. It may even come to a point when you think of quitting.
If you are having problems with your schedule, remember that proper time management is the answer.
Also, try to find out what time you feel best to workout. Some enjoy doing it in the morning and others
prefer to do it after school or work. Discover what is just right for you. Also try to look for a yoga bud.
Having one may inspire you to continue. Set goals and actually try to achieve them. And be consistent
with practicing.

Yoga is a total package that enhances the body, the mind and the spirit. But it won’t work if you don’t.

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